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  1. Cory Doctorow | The Coming War on General Computation

    The issue of copyright continues to be a major problem over the life of the personal computer. Companies have consistently tried to limit the ability of users to make the most of their machines, using a variety of protection schemes. In his talk at the 28th annual Chaos Communication Congress (28c3), Cory Doctorow reviews the history of the copyright fight and discusses how developers and political organizations will continue to limit the use of the general purpose computer.


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  2. Lawrence Lessig | Coding Against Corruption

    Government corruption affects all aspects of society. At the 2008 O’Reilly ETech Conference, Lawrence Lessig discusses government corruption, especially in the United States Congress. What does government get right, wrong, and where does dependence compromise effective government? Also, Lessig announces a new project designed to signal congress’ support for reform, called Change Congress.


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  3. Stuff You Should Know

    Why You Probably Have a Criminal Record — If you’re an American adult, there’s a 1 in 4 chance you have a criminal record. While it’s less likely you’ve committed any serious crime, there are still repercussions to having a rap sheet as more employers use them to decide between candidates.

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  4. Some Terms May Not Apply: Learn to Skim a Terms of Service Contract, Pay Less for Apps, and Work Better with White Noise

    This week on the Ask Lifehacker podcast, we’re learning how music affects your ability to work, getting great deals on mobile apps, and protecting your passwords on public Wi-Fi networks. Also, Facebook blows a billion dollars on Instagram, terms of service contracts are no longer the ironclad documents companies wanted them to be, and a whole lot more.


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  5. RNIB sues BMIbaby

    RNIB is taking legal action over low cost airline bmibaby’s failure to ensure web access for blind and partially sighted customers.


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  6. Cory Doctorow – The coming war on general computation…

    Cory Doctorow’s talk at the 28c3.


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  7. iPads for Lawyers | Legal Talk Network

    The Premiere Online Legal Media Network | Legal Talk Network


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  8. Typography for Lawyers: Interview with Matthew Butterick

    Tweet Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:19:13 — 54.4MB) | Embed Episode 21: Typography for Lawyers, CES, Searching Cell Phones, and More. Special Feature: Typography for Lawyers (Click here to read the transcript of this podcast.) Interview


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  9. Speaking at the World Domination Summit and Embracing the Unknown with Jodi Ettenberg

    For the entire three days of the World Domination Summit, I’d been following the #wds hashtag thinking, “I really should have been there!” And then I noticed a series of tweets about Jodi Ettenberg’s speech – all of theme were raving about her, so I emailed her right away. Fortunately for all of us, she agreed to subject herself to my interviewing prowess. Here are some of the highlights: How The Subject Matter of a Blog Can Evolve Leveraging Social Media to Create Change in the World How Jodi Got Invited to Speak at the World Domination Summit The Power of Small Informal Meetups How Twitter has Opened Up Several Freelance Opportunities Why You Need to be Willing to Deviate from Your Plan

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  10. Medical Marijuana

    In 1998, Washington was one of the earliest states to legalize medical marijuana, but the over the last 13 years the law has proven vague and rife with opportunity for confusion. For instance, patients can’t buy marijuana, but they can grow it. What if you’re too sick to grow your own or don’t know


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