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  1. Texas and The Son

    Family and frustrations can go hand in hand

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  2. Nicholas Negroponte: Beyond Digital - The Long Now

    In education, Negroponte explained, there’s a fundamental distinction between "instructionism" and "constructionism." "Constructionism is learning by discovery, by doing, by making. Instructionism is learning by being told." Negroponte’s lifelong friend Seymour Papert noted early on that debugging computer code is a form of "learning about learning" and taught it to young children.

    Thus in 2000 when Negroponte left the Media Lab he had founded in 1985, he set out upon the ultimate constructionist project, called "One Laptop per Child." His target is the world’s 100 million kids who are not in school because no school is available. Three million of his laptops and tablets are now loose in the world. One experiment in an Ethiopian village showed that illiterate kids can take unexplained tablets, figure them out on their own, and begin to learn to read and even program.

    In the "markets versus mission" perspective, Negroponte praised working through nonprofits because they are clearer and it is easier to partner widely with people and other organizations. He added that "start-up businesses are sucking people out of big thinking. So many minds that used to think big are now thinking small because their VCs tell them to ‘focus.’"

    As the world goes digital, Negroponte noted, you see pathologies of left over "atoms thinking." Thus newspapers imagine that paper is part of their essence, telecoms imagine that distance should cost more, and nations imagine that their physical boundaries matter. "Nationalism is the biggest disease on the planet," Negroponte said. "Nations have the wrong granularity. They’re too small to be global and too big to be local, and all they can think about is competing." He predicted that the world is well on the way to having one language, English.

    Negroponte reflected on a recent visit to a start-up called Modern Meadow, where they print meat. "You get just the steak—-no hooves and ears involved, using one percent of the water and half a percent of the land needed to get the steak from a cow." In every field we obsess on the distinction between synthetic and natural, but in a hundred years "there will be no difference between them."


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  3. Generational Episode 27 with Aaron Hillegass

    Aaron Hillegass talks with Gabe about teaching experts. Aaron has taught many of the best iOS and Mac programmers in the world and has a lot to say about the process of teaching and learning. You also get to hear Gabe sound dumb as usual. What’s not to love?


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  4. Ken Beatty - emerging technologies for language teaching

    A podcast series for ESL/ LINC professionals in Ontario from the LearnIT2teach project Best mixes on planet Earth. DJs, radio, performing artists, educators, and more. Get a free podcast, share your faves. Only on PodOmatic." name="DESCRIPTION


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  5. Classroom 2.0 discussion

    Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age’ name=’description


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  6. Mike Rowe: Learning from dirty jobs

    Mike Rowe: Learning from dirty jobs

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  7. RSA - Find a Voice Not Read a Script: Looking for the Heart of English

    RSA Debate 23rd Jan 2013; 18:00 (full recording including audience Q&A)

    What are the priorities for a new English curriculum? Should it enable our children and young people to be creative and communicate effectively in a global context, or is the most important thing to read and write accurately? Looking for the Heart of English involved 400 teachers discussing what really matters in learning English. The government has made proposals which do not meet the high expectations of these teachers and many others. The launch of Meeting High Expectations: will the new primary curriculum be good enough for our children? will bring out the vital learning which will enable young people to find their voices.

    This event is part of the continuing conversation about English teaching and what learners really need. The high profile discussion will contribute to the consultation on the government proposals for a new curriculum.

    The discussion will include those who contributed to the publication, including Michael Boyd, former artistic director, RSC; Chris Meade, co-director, If:book; Roger Billing, headteacher, Abbots Langley Primary School; and Jenny Lubuska, head of English, Hayes School.

    Chair: Sue Horner, leader in education and the arts and chair, RSA Academies Board.


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  8. Chicks that Rip: Elise Worthy, LivingSocial

    Our own Jessica Allen interviews LivingSocial engineer and Hungry Academy graduate Elise Worthy about the program, learning Rails and living in Washington DC.

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  9. Chicks that Rip: Elise Worthy, LivingSocial

    Our own Jessica Allen interviews LivingSocial engineer and Hungry Academy graduate Elise Worthy about the program, learning Rails and living in Washington DC.

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  10. TeacherCast Podcast #43 “Using iLife and iWork in the Classroom” | TeacherCast Podcast

    Jeff sits down with Mark Greentree from EverydayMacSupport to talk about Apples iWork and iLife suites. We discuss what each application is, and how it cam be used in the classroom.


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