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  1. The data will improve rockets

    Narratives shape our journeys through data, and those stories don’t have to be complicated to have a huge impact. All you have to do is think about your audience – your companions – and where you want to take them.

    —Huffduffed by skillswap 3 years ago

  2. It’s In Our Hands (c-level Remix)

    Free Björk track from Last.fm

    —Huffduffed by v 3 years ago

  3. Starstrukk (Live In Norwich)

    Free Marina & the Diamonds track from Last.fm

    —Huffduffed by markstickley 3 years ago

  4. Yellow Submarine (Nilow Remix)

    Free The Beatles track from Last.fm

    —Huffduffed by davidhughes 3 years ago

  5. Eliya

    Free Manual track from Last.fm

    —Huffduffed by lelapin 4 years ago

  6. Live on pirate cat radio

    Free The Dead Hensons track from Last.fm

    —Huffduffed by pjkix 4 years ago

  7. The Motels - SingalongaReggae

    Last.FM recommended free download

    —Huffduffed by TheGiant 4 years ago

  8. 8 Bit Weapon - Mutation Feat. Nu-Tra

    Last.FM recommended download

    —Huffduffed by TheGiant 4 years ago

  9. Zero-Sum by Nine Inch Nails (Absorb Fish Remix)

    Free Nine Inch Nails track from Last.fm

    —Huffduffed by psd 4 years ago

  10. Episode 14 – Was bringt eigentlich Data Portability?

    Folge 14 besteht nochmal aus ner ganze Menge News:

    * Kantara Initiative
    * WGUMA – ProtectServe
    * Blog Post von Alex Korth on Web of Identities
    * Twitter Security Problem
    * Nick Givotovsky
    * Zensursula und Vodafone
    * pubsubhubbub
    * Google Apps werden OpenID-Provider
    * Noch eine Chance für RDFa (HTML5)

    …und Christian und ich sprechen ein wenig über DataPortability und die Vorteile für Seiten- bzw. Community-Betreiber.

    —Huffduffed by pfefferle 4 years ago

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