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  1. Let’s Talk Jailbreak 54: Unflod invasion

    Episode 54: We talk about the recent Unflod jailbreak malware, and Auxo 2 for the iPad. Sebastien breaks down how he was able to get one of his jailbreak


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  2. Let’s Talk Jailbreak : 53: WWJC interviews with Surenix, Ryan Petrich and pod2g

    Episode 53: We went to JailbreakCon to talk to some of the mainstays of the jailbreak community. Inside, we talk to Surenix, Ryan Petrich, and pod2g about any and all things related to jailbreaking. You’ll learn about the development and design process of Auki from Surenix, Ryan Petrich’s mindset when it comes to developing new tweaks, and pod2g talks about the inner-workings of the evad3rs jailbreak dream team. pod2g also answers the question that we’ve all been wanting to hear—will they release an iOS 7.1 jailbreak? Listen and subscribe to hear all of the answers.

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    Auki review

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  3. Let’s Talk Jailbreak : 52: Zellllldaaaa!

    Episode 52: Sebastien, Jeff, and Cody dissect Auxo 2 after a week of usage and break down their favorite and not-so-favorite parts about one of the most significant jailbreak releases of 2014. The guys also discuss plans to attend JailbreakCon 2014 along with reviews of several additional jailbreak tweaks from the past week.

    Links for this episode:

    Auxo 2

    Goo.gl shortener for Action Menu



    Zelda Hearts for Alkaline


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  4. Let’s Talk Jailbreak 51: The Auxo 2 interview

    Episode 51: On this week’s episode, we conduct our first live interview with Sentry, the creator of the highly anticipated Auxo 2 jailbreak release, which is


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  5. Let’s Talk Jailbreak 37: The iOS 7 jailbreak

    The surprise release of the iOS 7 jailbreak is the hot topic on this special episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. Cody, Sebastien, and Jeff discuss all of the


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  6. Let’s Talk Jailbreak 32: I’m really sorry about this…

    Let’s Talk Jailbreak episode 32 sees the guys talking about new jailbreak tweaks like SideSettings, PushPrivacy, SevenCenter, Dandelion, and Controls for


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  7. Let’s Talk Jailbreak 14: WWDC chitchat

    It’s WWDC week, and that can only mean one thing: iOS 7! Hence, today is a special episode, as we focus on the new features announced for iOS 7 via Apple’s


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  8. Let’s Talk iOS 10: We’re going underground

    Sebastien and Jeff talk about the obvious podcast name change, why we did it, and what the future holds for Let’s Talk iOS. We also discuss clicky keyboards,


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  9. Put On Your Tinfoil Hats: Let’s Talk About Google’s New Privacy Policy, Data Sharing Risks, and Encryption

    On this week’s episode of Ask Lifehacker, we’re getting to know the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Google’s new singular privacy policy. We’re also sharing our favorite downloads and answering your questions about data protection, jailbreak upgrades, signing PDFs, and more.


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