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  1. Hour of Slack #1262 - Rerun of #895 - X-Day Special

    A great rerun, #895 from just before the 6X-Day Drill, 2003. Includes many REAL oldies from the Media Barrage tapes of the 1980s, mixed with tracks from the 2002 X-Day Drill, choice moments from ESO Swamp Radio, and Susie the Floozie’s amazing "Armageddon" collage. Also: a Stangian music collage of End o’ the World songs of yore, and two original Chas Smith songs — also Lonesome Cowboy Dave’s "SubGenius Anthem" and Pope Black’s sermon from Euro-X-Day 2002. And then there are the other 35 or 40 tracks. More about X-Day:

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  2. Hour of Slack #1261 - Live 6-13-2010 - SubGenius Church News

    We start with some particularly mind-bending collages and three "killer" (heh heh) end-of-the-world songs by J. Coulton, C.O.G. and Saint N. The brainworm "Snot Mouth Tweedle" by The Rudy Schwartz Project is played at the end, with an incredible cut-up by GoDrex. The rest is rather hyper live yakking by Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Stang and Wei, covering the usual several hundred subjects, including X-Day, the documentary GOD’S CARTOONIST, the Starwood Festival and its new date and location, Â the death of the biosphere, and an important announcement regarding The StangDoe SubGenius Employment Agency.

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  3. Hour of Slack #1259 - How to Take a Leak (Oil Volcano Special)

    For our first live show in over a month, we plunged head first into BP’s Gulf oil eruption, and came out very slick and smelly. If you have a truly sick and depraved sense of humor, this episode will make you feel much better about the ongoing ecocatastrophe. If you are "well adjusted" by normal standards, it will make you feel much, much worse. The show starts with the appropriate collages and music, but then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. Between Dave and Stang, the death of the oceans becomes an idiot’s playpen of SubGenius end of the world pornography. Think "LIFE AFTER PEOPLE" but with a laugh track. HOUR OF SLACK doesn’t actually have a laugh track, but you can think that anyway.

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  4. Hour of Slack #1258 - X-Day as Discussed On Other Radio Shows

    X-Day XIII is coming up — Lucky 13. Since X-Day Drill #12 in 2009, your host and prayer partner has been collecting and setting aside all the parts of OTHER folks’ shows when X-Day is being discussed. Includes: Stang on the British podcast RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SITTING NOW and Jack Jett’s show on Rational Radio in Dallas; Rev. Susie the Floozie’s "Bob’s" Slacktime Fun House with Puzzling Evidence as a guest; The Puzzling Evidence Show with Dr. Hal, Phineas Narco and Dr. Philo Drummond; there’s also a poem by Nenslo, read by Dr. Hal at 12X-Day. The real killer however is Papa Joe Mama’s sermon from the 2002 (or 2003?) devival in Hamburg, Germany, entitled, "Five Minutes To Midnight"! Also featured are frequent caller Bernard, The Crazy Numbers Guy, and Paula Dupree, the Ape Woman. Actually it is her mad doctor, John Carradine, doing the talking. Paula herself did not speak until the second Ape Woman movie.

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  5. Hour of Slack #1256 - Kill for God

    Some old, some new. We resurrect an all-time great rant by Father Joe Mama, and a lot of music from newly-reissued Cds by Rev. Joe Newman (The Rudy Schwartz Project). Also, plenty of new music, from Amit Lissack, Slobberbone, The Large, Jonathan Coulton and The Psycho Skeletons. LeMur does his usual, and near the end is a tour-de-force of editing by Rev. Susie the Floozy in which she turns a shout-out to everyone on [secret SubG newsgroup not shown here] while turning it into a charming story of the denizens of Kern’s Holler.

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  6. Mondo Diablo Episode 248: SubGenius Mutantus Creation Myth with Sacred Scribe, Reverend Ivan Stang

    A reading of Creation Scripture by Ivan Stang.

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  7. Hour of Slack #1247 - Live Feb. 28, 2010 - Special ‘Free Charley’ Hour of Slatherl

    Partly due to the recordings running in the background, this live show with Lonesome Cowboy Dave is one of the most INSANE episodes ever. While listening, we recommend headphones, a bike helmet and a bullet-proof vest.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 4 years ago

  8. Hour of Slack #1246 - All-“Bob” Hymns & Songs Special

    A sneak preview of the seventh CD collection of songs, hymns, and horrible noise experiments dedicated to "Bob," X-Day, or the Church of the SubGenius in general. Contributors include: Drs. 4 "Bob," Rev. Phineas Narco, Rev. Ouroborus Rex, Rev. Norel Pref, Fernandinande LeMur, The Psycho Skeletons, Poo Water Towel, Rev. Selfs Layer, Dr. Gary G’broagfran, Rev. Artemia Salina, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Da Binci, Rev. Edfred, Rev. Raymond Lafferty, with many others woven in.

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  9. Hour of Slack #1244 - Rerun of #509, “PAIN” (1995)

    We’re busy, so we’re in reruns. This particular episode, #509 from late 1995, was assembled during a relatively rough week of a rough month of a rough year for your host and prayer partner, Rev. Ivan Stang. It is an unusually PAINFUL Hour of Slack. Imagine that. Nonetheless, cruel and heartless listeners who are not Rev. Stang may find it funny. Some great music helps the poison go down easier. The last half of the episode is collage and ranting by Rev. Susie the Floozy, and a classic sermon by Papa Joe Mama. Both Susie and Papa Joe are experts in REAL pain.

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  10. Hour of Slack #1243 - Rerun of #506 - Aug. 1995 Devival with ESO


    It’s a busy month. So, this is a rerun of excellent Hour of Slack #506, from September 1995. The highlight is a fine recording of the August 5, 1995 SubGenius Devival at Peabody’s in Cleveland, with Einstein’s Secret Orchestra, Rev. Stang, and Sister Melodious Chops. Collages in this pre-LeMur show are by Rev. Susie the Floozy and the mysterious Toe Frophauser. Bulldada master Zoogz Rift, Dr. Bizarro and the Disgustos, and GWAR provide music. (This was recorded just prior to our tour with GWAR.) Prank calls to Christian radio shows are peppered throughout this episode.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 4 years ago

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