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  1. Marsianer in Grover’s Mill! - Die wundersame Welt der Medienfakes | Freistil | Deutschlandfunk

    Halloween 1938 trauten die Radiohörer ihren Ohren kaum: Live berichtete ein Reporter von der Landung eines Flugobjektes vom Mars. Seine Reportage endete mit der Beschreibung eines Feuerstrahls, mit Todesschreien, dann bricht die Leitung ab. Mit der Radioadaption von H.G. Wells ‘Krieg der Welten’ löste Orson Welles in Amerika panische Reaktionen aus.


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  2. Stuff You Should Know

    SYSK’s Halloween Horror Fiction Winner — Josh and Chuck have been planning this thing since spring and it’s finally here! Tune in to hear which listener’s scary story won the SYSK Halloween Horror Fiction Contest — and prepare to have your socks scared off just in time for All Hallow’s Eve.

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  3. Mondo Diablo Episode 359: Super Spooky Stories

    Prepare to be chilled and thrilled by three children’s Halloween records.

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  4. Mondo Diablo Episode 358: The Incoherence of Satan by Todd Gates

    Satan isn’t who they say he is, and Todd Gates will tell you why.

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  5. Stuff You Missed in History Class

    A Brief History of Trick-or-Treating — Before children went door-to-door, Celts kept out evil spirits during the festival of Samhain. Halloween evolved over time, but trick-or-treating didn’t emerge until the 20th century. Join Sarah and guest host Cristen as they trace Halloween’s history.

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  6. Folge 053: Nackte Affen an der Sex-Hotline

    In dieser Folge haben wir halbnackt im Halloweenkostüm bei der Munzee Hotline angerufen. Oder so ähnlich. Viel Spaß beim Hören. Die Themen [Gesamtlänge: 01:32:27] Begrüßung Erfahrung mit dem Support. Anrufe, Tickets und mehr. [00:01:05] Automatisierte Antwortworten mit Textbausteinen Warteschleifenerfahrungen tagesschau.de Teure Warteschleifen


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  7. Mondo Diablo Episode 357: Hell House!

    The most evil and diabolical acts typically come from teenagers in an evangelical Christian youth group. Namely, a "Hell House." We get our clips about Hell Houses and five year-olds exposed to "The Shining," from "This American Life."

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  8. Untimely Spooky - Pre-Recorded Late Night


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  9. Caustic Soda: Hallowe’en

    Who is Samhain? Toren, Joe, Kevin and Chris "Proton Charging" Stewart talk costumes, the confusing origins of Halloween customs, Devil’s night, old-fashioned candy vs. chocolate bars, candy-poisoning urban legends and of course Halloween movies and television specials!

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  10. Oddio Comic 32 - Frankenstein Monster #10 - “The Last Frankenstein”

    The Monster faces off against Vincent Frankenstein and the gargantuan, homeless freak, Ivan.

    "The Last Frankenstein" can be found in the pages of Essential Monster Of Frankenstein Volume #1 TPB.

    Voices: "Jeopardous" John Hunt "Reprobate" Ray O’Hare

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