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  1. The Flop House #139 – Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones

    One thing: In the hands of a good writer, the mediclorians thing could be a good idea.

    The world of the original trilogy is of a fallen society, which is why everything is gritty, and in that world the force is regarded as a superstition.

    In the elevated, enlightened civilization of the prequels, the world is shiny and new and the force is a science they fully understand.

    The problems are that a) he never explores any part of that or its impact, making it a random throwaway line and b) twenty years, the childhood of Luke Skywalker, is not enough time for that to happen.

    Like, Chewbacca isn’t gonna look at Obi-wan as some weirdo for going on about the force, because he used to know Yoda.

    Similarly, most of the people in A New Hope used to live in a time when people who used the force were plentiful.

    Anakin was a random slave kid on a distant planet and he knew all about the reputation of the jedi.

    Yet the dude on the Death Star is like, “The Force?


    That’s not really a thing.”


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  2. Eat. Stop. Eat.

    Hey there,

    It’s time for yet another podcast!

    Today Clark sits down with one of the “godfathers” of the Intermittent Fasting concept – Brad Pilon. Brad is the author of Eat Stop Eat, which is about the most comprehensive guide to intermittent fasting you’re going to get.

    I know what you’re thinking…. “Fasting?? No thanks!”

    Let me tell you… Brad’s created a unique method based on a flexible plan that will NOT force your body into “starvation mode.”

    AND – I do it myself. It works. I find I have a ridiculously higher amount of energy when I’m doing a fast, not to mention I’m as lean as I’ve ever been since I started fasting. But more on my story another day…

    Tune in as Clark and Brad dive into intermittent fasting, hitting on some important topics:

    Why fasting is anything BUT an eating disorder.

    How to lost body fat, but keep all that hard-earned muscle.

    The secret to making fasting work for women.

    What the biggest misconception is in regards to strength.

    How fasting can actually help balance hormones.

    If you’re skeptical at ALL about fasting, you’ll want to hear what Brad has to say.

    And as a special deal for Paleohacks users only, if you grab a copy of Eat Stop Eat, Brad will be giving a bonus Q&A group coaching call to answer all your questions on intermittent fasting. He wants to keep the group small so the offer is only on the table for the next few days – so if you’re ready to start intermittent fasting, get your copy today.Get Your Copy of Eat Stop Eat Here!


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  3. Review: The Beach Boys, ‘Made In California’ : NPR

    In 2012, the band became another rock group that was celebrating its 50th anniversary. This year, it released Made in California, an eight-hour, six-disc retrospective of their career that, perhaps inadvertently, shows how this once-great force in American popular music faded from public view.


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  4. Loikamania 045 - Rick Remender | Loikamania

    Loikamania 045 – Rick Remender


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  5. Stuff You Should Know

    How Air Force One Works — As you might imagine, the President of the United States doesn’t fly coach. But what exactly does he use when traveling from point A to point B, and how does it actually work? join Josh and Chuck as they demystify Air Force One.

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  6. Evan Williams is behind the internet service Twitter

    "Twitter will be a fundamental part of how people interact with their government" says Twitter founder Evan Williams in an interview with the BBC aired of Friday, March 12, 2010.

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  7. Brother Dave Gardner- The Air Force

    Brother Dave Gardner- The Air Force


    David Gardner (June 11, 1926 - September 22, 1983), known as Brother Dave Gardner, was a U.S. comedian and singer. A Tennessee native, Gardner studied drumming, beginning at age 13. After a one-semester term as a Southern Baptist ministerial student at Union University in his hometown of Jackson, Tennessee, he began a musical career as a drummer and occasional vocalist. After a pair of demo singles for Decca Records around 1956, he had a 1958 Top-20 hit on OJ Records with White Silver Sands.

    It was his comedic routines between songs, however, that brought him to the attention of RCA Records artist & producer Chet Atkins. The eventual result was a comedy album interspersed with a couple of songs - Rejoice, Dear Hearts! (1959), which propelled Brother Dave into the national eye, along with the first of several appearances on national television talk/variety shows such as The Tonight Show.

    An arrest for marijuana possession in 1962 curtailed his visibility on television. Then, it seemed, changing public tastes (i.e., the falling out-of-favor of ‘beatnik’-style comedy), coupled with Gardner’s holding onto his same performing style, resulted in a similar fading of his recording career. After six albums for RCA Victor Records, he made two for Capitol Records, and then others for lesser labels. He had another legal problem over tax-evasion charges in the 1970s, which his son helped clear up. Brother Dave had a role as a Southern preacher in the 1978 made-for-TV film Big Bob Johnson’s Fantastic Speed Circus. He was cast in a B-grade movie, and was just beginning work on it at the time of his death. Gardner was twice married: his first wife, Millie, preceded him in death, and he was married to his second wife, Judy, at the time of his death. He had two children from his first marriage—son Dave II (deceased, 1999) and daughter Candace.

    During his brief time as a star among America’s socially-aware stand-up comedians of the late 1950s and early 1960s, Brother Dave successfully fused a stream-of-consciousness style of addressing subjects (e.g., Lord Buckley, Jean Shepherd) with a classic Southern ‘storyteller/liars’-bench’ manner (e.g., Andy Griffith, and the later Justin Wilson and Jerry Clower), setting himself apart a bit from Northern Jewish contemporaries such as Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, and Shelley Berman. Gardner mixed thought-provoking or confounding stand-alone one-liners, or ‘zingers’ (e.g., "An’ I’m writin’ a new book an’ it’s gonna be called "What Will the Preachers Do When the Devil is Saved?"", "Gratitude is riches, and complaint is poverty, and the worst I ever had was wonderful!", "Let them that don’t want none, have memories of not gettin’ any… let that not be their punishment, but their reward," and "Don’tcha know a diamond ain’t nothin’ but a piece o’ coal that’s stuck with it?") with satirical musings on his contemporary political scene ("…folks used to pray to God for rain, and now they call Washington,", "Say, a Democrat is somebody who expects somethin’ fer nothin’, and a Republican is somebody who expects nothin’ fer somethin’, an’ a Independent is a cat that greases his own car," and "If I were bound by either party, well then, I might ferget America,"). He also told traditional, humorous Southern stories, the most notable among these being "The Motorcycle Story", "When John Gets Here" (also called "The Haunted House"), and his version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as set in Rome, Georgia (U.S. state).

    Source: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brother_Dave_Gardner

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