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  1. Grow Your Email List (FS045)

    Conversion. List building. Signup forms. Giveaways. Freebies. Conversion. Etc. The best thing about this episode is how much Corbett talks.

    If you want to grow your email list, get your notepad out, pour yourself a coffee/tea and press play. This is a good one covering:

    Which email providers to use (wait, that’s in the first one.)

    Where to put signup forms.

    What to offer subscribers.

    How to figure out which offers are best.

    Utilizing landing pages.

    BONUS: the announcement of Caleb’s new podcast, Words With Wojcik. (This is a joke. It’s funny. You’re laughing, see?)

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    A podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders…

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    Our Freebie 30 Day Ship It Challenge

    The 30-day “Just Ship It!” Challenge is our free 30 day course to help you actually do that thing you want to get done. Are you a builder? Get’r done.

    A pretty good example of a landing page. Click to see more

    Show Notes

    37 Experts Share Their Best Personal Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs — This is the post that Fizzler David Moazzez put together using the SABTM expert roundup email trick.

    How to Email Important People (5 Tips You Need to Know) —

    8 Reasons Why BuzzFeed’s Emails Could Change Everything — “Could your newsletter do with a bit of BuzzFeed’s stickiness? We asked Dan Oshinsky, their Newsletter Editor to share with us their secret sauce.”

    How I Tripled My Email Subscription Rate — “Last month I even signed up 172 new subscribers in a single day because of this strategy.”

    How I Increased My Conversion Rate by Over 3,000% — “Are you frustrated that your email list is growing at a snail’s pace? Do you find traffic coming to your site, but few visitors turning into subscribers?”

    Inside Intercom — This is one of the blogs Corbett mentions. Honestly, it’s excellent.

    Simple Green Smoothies — These lovely ladies have a 30 day green smoothie challenge that has absolutely blown up the past year.

    Apple’s iBooks Author — This thing is incredible. I used it to make the Gumroad Quick Start… powerful, fast, easy, free. Get that thing out of you and into internet!

    Fizzle’s Facebook and Pinterest pages — What a treat for the quote and image hungry makers and shapers out there!

    Pretty Cool Pinterest Page


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  2. SPI 045 : How to Win With Your Email List (Part 2 of 2)

    Everything you need to know about email marketing and building a huge list of target subscribers for your business and/or blog. (2 of 2)


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  3. SPI 044 : How to Win With Your Email List (Part 1 of 2)

    Everything you need to know about email marketing and building a huge list of target subscribers for your business and/or blog.


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  4. Total Creative Freedom | The Weekly Briefly

    On today’s show I talk about the lessons, goals, good parts, bad parts, and other related miscellany regarding the past 3 years of writing shawnblanc.net as my full-time gig.


    The 2014 membership drive and giveaway

    Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations

    Sponsored by:

    Campaign Monitor: Get inspired with a collection of 2013’s best email marketing campaigns!

    The awesome members of shawnblanc.net: thanks to their support of this site for over three years and for making the work that I do a sustainable possibility.

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 31:01 — 21.6MB)


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  5. AP009

    In this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I talk about the third phase of Facebook marketing — selling. DJ Waldow shares about email marketing.


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  6. Internet Marketing Landmine Number Four - Not Building a List | Five Minutes With Jack

    There is nothing more important then building an “opt in” list of visitors that are willing and want to hear from you as you build an internet business.


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  7. How to Turn Social Connections Into In-Person Sales

    Alix Hart, Brand Marketer at Best Buy, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss integrating social into all aspects of customer service and battling the "showroom" effect as a brick-and-mortar retailer.


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  8. MTFW: 5 Million Emails a Month | More than a Few Words


    f you have been reading our blog lately, you know we have been talking about email marketing, a lot. Why? Because this often overlooked tool, when used properly can deliver some terrific results.

    There are definitely some right and wrong ways to use eMail and this week we are talking with someone we think can shed some light on the topic. Join us as we talk with Jim Cota, president and creative director of Rare Bird, Inc. Rare Bird, a marketing communications firm, is an email powerhouse, sending out a staggering 5 million emails per month for their clients. Jim will share some of his best email marketing tips. The show with Jim will air live at 10:30AM on July 18th.

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  9. The B.S. Report

    Comedian Louis CK returns to the BS Report to talk comedy, boxing, and Season 3 of Louie. http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=8099523

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  10. Yesware – Online Biz Insiders podcast – ep. 55

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this episode of Online Biz Insiders, Mary shares insights into Yesware – an email template plug-in for Gmail or other cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. First though, you’ll  hear a bit


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