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  1. Ian Welsh Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd 01/09

    Jay and Ian Welsh continue the discussion rerun last week regarding the need to develop a new ideology in the face of the failure of our technocratic centrist elite to deal with the consequences of the petroleum economy: A powerful ideology is a scary thing. If your ideology isn’t strong enough, doesn’t create enough fervent belief that people will die for it, then it won’t change the world. But if it does create that level of fervent belief, then it will be misused, so the question is simply: will this do more harm than good? An ideology which leads to us killing a billion or more people with climate change, let me posit, is a bad ideology. At the end of its run, neo-liberalism will kill more people than Marxist-Leninism did, and will be thought of by our grandchildren as monstrous. Most of them will no more be able to understand how we submitted to it or even believed in it than we can understand how Hitler or Stalin or PolPot or Mao came to power. Hyperbole? Not in the least, because the body count is going to be phenomenal.


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  2. Declan McCullagh on the NSA leaks

    Declan McCullagh, chief political correspondent for CNET and former Washington bureau chief for Wired News, discusses recent leaks of NSA surveillance programs. What do we know so far, and what more might be unveiled in the coming weeks? McCullagh covers […]


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  3. History Makes Hiring Household Help A Complex Choice

    Huffduffed from http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2013/05/24/185508615/going-to-meet-the-ma-am?ft=1&f=173754155&utm_source=feedly

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  4. Domestic CEO: How to Organize Paperwork, Part 1

    Learn 4 steps for sorting and organizing paperwork


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  5. Iran’s Internal Politics | Atlantic Council

    March 19, 2012 http://www.acus.org/event/irans-internal-politics

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  6. Food and space: the Australian nation in the British Empire

    Dr Adele Wessell, Southern Cross University Historical Interpretation series, 6 April 2009 Historian Adele Wessell uses cookbooks to draw conclusions about Australian political and social life at the turn of the century, examining British diet and food preferences that were maintained and transformed in colonial Australia.


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  7. Another excellent 2 hours with Ian Masters

    Foreign and domestic policy without the hype - another excellent couple hours - Juan Cole is particularly good on Iraq, Iran and Afganistan

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  8. Background Briefing with Ian Masters

    2 more great hours of critical analysis of domestic and foriegn policy with BBC trained Ian Masters

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  9. Background Briefing with Ian Masters - Download

    Excellent 2 hours with Ian Masters on domestic and foreign policy.

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