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  1. Troy Hunt on wifi security, fire sheep and pineapples.

    A little while back I caught up with Rob Sobers at Varonis and had a good chat about wifi, XSS and various other bits and pieces related to security on the web today. I find chats like this are great for getting a candid sense of what’s going on in the industry; no scripting, no editing just straight talk on how we’re getting pwned online.Your browser does not support the audio element. BTW – let me apologise in advance for the audio quality, things panned out such that the only way this ended up working timing wise was while I was at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. Yes, those are rollercoasters in the background, hopefully it’s not too distracting!


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  2. iOS Dev Tools: The raywenderlich.com Podcast Episode 4 | Ray Wenderlich

    Learn about the best iOS Dev Tools from git clients to color pickers to database tools and more, with our special guest Adam Swinden.


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  3. HearthPro Episode 1: Valeera Who? | BlizzPro’s Hearthstone

    Welcome to Episode 1 of HearthPro, BlizzPros official podcast for all things Hearthstone! In this episode, our hosts Marc and Robert discuss recent blue posts, and talk about how the shaman and r


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  4. Hello World Podcast - Episode 1: Jeremy Likness

    Shawn Wildermuth’s Rants and Raves on Technologies - Software Development"



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  5. 5 predictions on the future of databases

    Michael Stonebraker has helped create a lot of database systems and has lots of thoughts about where the industry is headed. Oracle, SAP, NoSQL, NewSQL — they all have a place if they play their cards right, but some might have a harder time than others.


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  6. Episode 199: Michael Stonebraker - Software Engineering Radio

    Recording Venue: Skype

    Guest: Michael Stonebraker

    Dr. Michael Stonebraker, one of the leading researchers and technology entrepreneurs in the database space, joins Robert for a discussion of database architecture and the emerging NewSQL family of databases. Dr. Stonebraker opens with his take on how the database market is segmented around a small number of use cases: OLTP, data warehouses, and event stream processing. He discusses the origins of the standard architecture for OLTP, which is row-based, and says it’s no longer optimal for any of the use cases that it is applied to. He proceeds to describe some research he has done, showing that row-based databases spend about 90 percent of their time acquiring and releasing locks, buffer management, and other activities that could be characterized as overhead in comparison to main task of reading and writing data. These results, which in Stonebraker’s view are intrinsic to the row-based architecture, require a new architecture to overcome. The discussion proceeds to a new database architecture, known as “NewSQL” or “NewOLTP,” which is single-threaded, lock-free, doesn’t require disk I/O in the critical path, and can scale out to a large multiple node cluster. Stonebraker criticizes the eventual consistency model that some NoSQL distributed systems employ and he defends the ACID guarantees as a superior model. The interview closes with a discussion about database education in university curricula and Stonebraker’s thoughts on the place of Hadoop in the data storage space.

    Michael Stonebraker page at MIT

    VoltDB site

    VoltDB on Meetup

    NewSQL topic page on Wikipedia

    Other NewSQL projects: NuoDB

    SE-Radio #165 on NoSQL

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download


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  7. RethinkDB

    Computer software and hardware have greatly advanced over the last 30 years, but database architectures haven’t changed in response. Slava Akhmechet and Michael Glukhovsky of RethinkDB are creating a whole new style of database to take advantage of new developments like fast solid state hard drives and new research on file systems.


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  8. HearthPro Special Episode: Beta First Impressions | BlizzPro’s Hearthstone

    Its a special beta release episode of the HearthPro podcast, and BlizzPros own Eva Conti and the Sha of Happiness join Marc to share their first impression of the Hearthstone beta - and the news


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  9. HearthPro Episode 3: Interview with Daniel of Ryrin Games | BlizzPro’s Hearthstone

    In Episode 3 of HearthPro, Robert is all alone trying to save this sinking ship… Actually, its not quite that dire: Marc is on vacation this week, so we are featuring a previously recorded inte


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  10. Episode 189: Eric Lubow on Polyglot Persistence | Software Engineering Radio


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