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  1. Arranged Marriage and Micropolis

    Arun Venugopal, reporter and the creator of Micropolis—WNYC’s multi-platform series examining race, sexuality, religion, street life and other issues that …


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  2. Pocket Sized Podcast 149: Findery with John Fox | Pocket Sized Podcast

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    Findery is a wonderful location, culture, and story discovery service with a new iOS app for iPhone. John Fox of Findery joins us to talk about how it is used for sharing stories, tracking interests across the world, and discovering things in a new way. John Nemo washes your iPhone’s mouth out with soap on World’s Shortest Reviewcast.

    Introducing John Fox [01:10–02:40]

    John Fox is a friend of ours from days long past, known for MemoryMiner and other development work. Scott and John talk about the old days.


    Findery [02:45–08:44]

    John is currently working at Findery, a social discovery app and web service that helps people find and share their location, culture, and interest stories from around the world. John talks about what Findery is and how it enables this type of storytelling.

    Findery for iPhone

    Findery website

    Findery Blog

    Findery UI Overview[08:45–15:50]

    John leads us through the Findery UI, which has been carefully laid out to aid in sharing and discovery.

    Travelling and capturing memories and stories[15:50–17:20]

    John recalls travels of his and how he was able to record audio soundscapes, and how we all have iOS devices now that are capable of gathering photos, videos, and recordings of everywhere we go. He also talks about tweeting experiences versus capturing them and being able to share them more richly later.

    Users and content are what make discovery services compelling[17:20–18:47]

    The community is what makes apps like Findery successful, and Findery has worked hard on getting community and getting content into Findery through the web site and now the iOS app.

    Making mobile apps discoverable and understandable[19:30–25:15]

    Ronnie and John talk about how to make app features discoverable on mobile apps and how the Findery team has worked to try to make it easier for new users.

    Sponsored by Squarespace[25:15–28:48]

    This episode of Pocket Sized Podcast is sponsored by Squarespace. Use offer code MARS for 10% off your first purchase at Squarespace.

    Findery for iOS UI and translating Findery for the web to mobile[28:48–31:52]

    John talks about how making the app accessible to people whose iPhones are their computers was important to Findery.

    Charity: water

    Findery business model[31:52–36:08]

    Findery is a free app, so what’s the business model? John explains, and also talks about the Findery team and a little bit about their financial situation.

    Fun discoveries on Findery[36:08–42:34]

    Scott asks John what some of the neater things he’s discovered due to Findery are.

    Private notes, journaling, and sharing[42:34–45:58]

    Ronnie asks John about some of the other sharing aspects of Findery, such as private notes, as well as possible integration with other apps.

    Contact information and Links[45:58–48:38]

    John tells us how to find him (and us) on Findery, and on Twitter as well.

    Findery for iPhone

    Findery website

    John Fox on Findery

    John Fox on Twitter

    Scott on Findery

    Ronnie on Findery


    iDeveloper podcast

    John Nemo and World’s Shortest Reviewcast[48:38–51:33]

    John Nemo cleans your iPhone’s mouth out with soap with the PhoneSoap Charger.

    PhoneSoap Charger

    PhoneSoap Videos

    PhoneSoap Charger Review


    Use the offercode MARS for 10% off your first purchase.

    Host Twitter Accounts



    Findery for iPhone

    Findery web site

    Findery Blog

    John Fox on Twitter


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  3. BBC Forum: Counterfeiting

    How do you spot a forgery in the art market? How can you tell if a medicine is a useless or even harmful fake which might make your illness even worse? Bridget Kendall is joined by Ghanaian anti-counterfeiting entrepreneur Bright Simons; art auctioneer and author of Breakfast at Sotheby’s – An A-Z of the Art World Philip Hook; and art historian Winnie Wong whose new book Van Gogh on Demand takes us on a trip to China, to a village where every year millions of copies of well-known oil paintings are churned out to be distributed for sale in around the world.


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  4. Episode 21: It’s Fine if It’s Ten Years Later — IRL Talk

    IRL Talk is a weekly show that covers the most important things in

    life: pop culture, technology, movies, comics, tv, etc. We’re here

    every Friday just in time for your weekend to get IRL. On IRL Talk

    we tl;dr the galaxy so you don’t have to.

    Hosted by Faith Korpi and

    Jason Seifer


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  5. Pasqua & Primavera Podcast: Italian Talk for Lovers of the Language :: Studentessa matta


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  6. La diversité culturelle à l’épreuve d’internet (4/4) - E-diasporas: d‘autres communautés transnationales

    durée : 00:51:22 - CULTURES MONDE - par : Florian Delorme - Sentinelles, veilleurs… plus libres mais toujours attentifs à ce qui se passe politiquement et culturellement dans leur pays d’origine. Avec le numérique, le migrant change de dimension. Il n’est plus déraciné mais doublement présent. Internet est plus qu’un outil de communication pour les diasporas. Internet recompose de nouveaux rapports identitaires et culturels. - réalisé par : Doria Zénine

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  7. Episode 19 – Changing with Ales Kot & Morgan Jeske!

    Episode 19 – Changing with Ales Kot & Morgan Jeske!

    by Chris Thompson

    With Ales Kot & Morgan Jeske …



    a bit late this time around, but it’s not entirely hopeless as Taylor and I take a deeper look at Dennis Hopeless’ two contributions to Marvel Now! Avengers Arena #1 and Cable & X-Force #1.


    Taylor also chats with Ales Kot (Wild Children) and Morgan Jeske (Disappearing Town) about working together on their new mini-series Change from Image Comics. Plus we continue to enjoy our BrewDog Craft Beers with the rather potent Dogma.


    To get in touch, discuss sponsorship opportunities or submit projects for consideration, please email reviews@popculturehound.com. You can also follow me on Twitter: @popculturehound. And if you missed last week’s episode (or any others) you can find them right here or subscribe via iTunes. You can also support the Pop Culture Hound podcast by clicking on the DONATE button below. Your contributions will help us maintain the site, get new equipment, and encourage us to keep going on those cold lonely nights.

     Taylor Lilley Twitter: @capelessT

      Ales Kot Twitter: @ales_kotAles Kot Tumblr: aleskot.tumblr.com

      Morgan Jeske Twitter: @MorganJeskeMorgan Jeske Tumblr: morganjeske.tumblr.com

     Listen to our previous interview with Ales Kot here: popculturehound.net/pch-podcast-episode-3-with-wild-childrens-ales-kot

     And you can read the prequel plus the first eight pages of Change here: www.bleedingcool.com/2012/12/08/two-prequel-pages-for-ales-kots-change-1-and-not-in-the-comic

    Standard Podcast [ 1:36:58 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


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  8. Culturesmonde / La diversité culturelle à l’épreuve d’internet / SELECTION FRANCE CULTURE

    L’anglais est la langue d’Internet. C’est une évidence. Une évidence tellement évidente qu’elle est assez loin de la réalité. La plus grande majorité des contenus en ligne serait anglophone. Internet ne serait qu’un autre moyen pour les Etats-Unis d’assurer leur Soft Power, de diffuser leur culture et leur langue. Car c’est bien de géopolitique et de rapports de forces internationaux dont nous allons parler aujourd’hui. Une langue est vecteur d’identité bien sûr, mais aussi de valeurs. C’est une grille de lecture du monde. Et donc sur Internet, le monde se lirait à l’anglo-saxonne. Mais comme souvent quand on parle d’internet, les préjugés sont grands.

    Michaël Oustinoff, professeur à l’université de Nice Chercheur associé à l’ISCC(CNRS).
    Daniel Prado, ancien directeur du département Terminologie et industrie de la langue de l’Union latine. Secrétaire exécutif du Réseau mondial pour la diversité linguistique, Maaya.
    Adama Samassekou, président du Réseau Maya, Réseau mondial pour la diversité linguistique. Ancien secrétaire exécutif de l’Académie Africaine des langues. Ancien ministre de l’Education de base du Mali et porte-parole du gouvernement.


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  9. Overprotected Kids | The Kojo Nnamdi Show

    The Kojo Nnamdi Show features two-hours of news, political issues and social trends of the day in a magazine program format. The Kojo Nnamdi Show is produced by WAMU 88.5fm American University Radio.


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  10. Rebecca MacKinnon: Let’s take back the Internet!

    In this powerful talk from TEDGlobal, Rebecca MacKinnon describes the expanding struggle for freedom and control in cyberspace, and asks: How do we design the next phase of the Internet with accountability and freedom at its core, rather than control? She believes the internet is headed for a "Magna Carta" moment when citizens around the world demand that their governments protect free speech and their right to connection.


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