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  1. Episode #79 – Knight and Day The Flop House

    Episode #79 – Knight and DayFor our pre-May sweeps episode, we welcome the very funny comedian and TV star Mr. Wyatt Cenac as our guest co-host. We take it easy on Wyatt with the more-watchable-than-usual Knight and Day, which just leads to double the usual digressions. Meanwhile, Elliott introduces yet another new Batman villain, Wyatt turns our podcast into his demo reel, and Dan just sits back and does his best to yes-and the proceedings.

    0:00 – 0:33 – Introduction and theme.

    0:34 – 6:57 – We’re so delighted by our special MYSTERY GUEST (whose identity was ruined in the show description) that we take even longer than usual to get to the point.

    6:58 – 47:29 – In between discussions of Batman villains, we find a little time to talk about Knight and Day.

    47:30 – 48:30 – Final judgments.

    48:31 – 54:50 – The sad bastards recommend.

    54:51 – 56:34 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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    Wikipedia synopsis of Knight and Day

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    April 22nd, 2011



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  2. Episode #51 – X-Men Origins: Wolverine The Flop House

    Episode #51 – X-Men Origins: WolverineTo borrow a line from Patton Oswalt: You like Wolverine? Well, in my movie you get to see Wolverine as a little kid!

    Meanwhile, Stuart suggests an alternate Wolverine history of the United States, Elliott suggests some novel super-villains, Dan makes Elliott do a spit take, and contest winner Dash has the decency to be a really nice guy and not a serial killer we were foolish enough to let into the apartment.

    0:00 – 0:32 – Introductions and Theme

    0:33 – 1:37 – We introduce our special guest, Flop House contest winner Dash.

    1:38 – 43:35 – As four comic book nerds, we find far too much to say about X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    43:46 – 45:55 – Final Judgments

    45:56 – 51:55 – The sad bastards recommend.

    51:56 – 54:19 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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    Wikipedia synopsis of X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Thanks again to our contest winner for coming out from New Jersey to Brooklyn to be on the show. He has A PODCAST OF HIS VERY OWN. It’s called “We’re Friends!” Why not check it out?










    If you live in NYC, then you should come to the launch party for the all-new print humor magazine Whim Quarterly. Dan and Elliott have two pieces each in the inaugural issue, and both will be in attendance – Elliott onstage doing stand-up, and Dan at the bar taking advantage of the discount drinks.

    Whim Quarterly Launch Party: Tuesday, December 15, 2009, 8:00pm – 10:00pm at the Three of Cups Lounge on 83 First Avenue, New York, NY (map)


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    December 12th, 2009

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  3. The Worst Lyrics Podcast

    January 24, 2012  |   By Tom Scharpling

    We are in the middle of our Worst Lyrics of All Time contest on LowTimesPodcast.com. To mark the occasion, Low Times co-hosts Tom Scharpling and Daniel Ralston asked Ted Leo and DC Pierson to stop by to talk about it. Along the way, Ted gives us some insight into the writing process, DC tells us some of his least favorite lyrics, and everyone comes to the conclusion that this contest will come down to a battle between a placenta and “a black dude named Elmo.”

    Ted Leo is the singer, songwriter a guitarist in Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. He has had many conversations with Tom Scharpling over the years, this is the only one in which he shares his thoughts on dolphin masturbation.

    DC Pierson is an actor, writer, comedian and occasionally raps along side his Derrick Comedy partner Donald Glover. In this podcast, he goes to bat pretty hard for “…that book by Nabakov.”

    Tom Scharpling and Daniel Ralston are 2/3 of Low Times, along with Maggie Serota.

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    Download: The Worst Lyrics Podcast


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  4. Halloween Cash Giveaway and Contest

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  5. Halloween Cash Contest & Giveaway

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  6. Weekly Firecast - John “The Creator” Dilley of DEFCON Sauces Chats Chicken Wings and More

    From http://www.weeklyfirecast.com. John Dilley, AKA DEFCON Creator, of New Jersey-based Defcon Sauces, talks to Scott about world domination through buffalo wing sauces! John discusses the origins of his award-winning products, his famous Deathmatch wing-eating contests, his attention-grabbing marketing efforts, how to make the perfect fried chicken wings, and dishes out advice for young, up-and-coming hot sauce companies. Scott also suggests roasting chile peppers in his Foodie Tip of the Week, and reviews Southern Recipe brand Hot n’ Spicy Pork Rinds and Cheesy Jalapeno-Flavored Cheese Curls.

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  7. Episode 82 – Ketchup and Pins | The Savvy Girls Podcast


    When Melanie was in Orlando recently, she found herself at Disney World (several times) with her friends and Disney “cast members”, Ken and Daniel, and she got into the spirit of it all with some enthusiastic pin trading.

    She has been busy touring her fringe festival shows and has some interesting stories from her travels…

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  8. Project Camelot TV

    A Project Camelot Production


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  9. Typical Shutterbug Podcast

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  10. The Visser of Ozcast Episode Nine

    It’s Episode 9 and we’re talking loads of NBA and a dash of Friday Night Lights!

    The NBA All Star Weekend and trade deadline have combined to create a tsunami’s worth of Visser of Ozcast fodder! We kick off the show with a brief recap of the weekend’s All Star festivities. We stop just short of calling the dunk contest "officially back" and join Demar DeRozan in making a plea to eliminate all of the props from future dunk contests. Unless you’re name is Javal McGee and you want to dunk like 19 balls in 13 hoops simultaneously, in which case, by all means because you are an athletic freak. We also touch on the All Star game and Kobe being Kobe and LeBron being Lebron. The real winners, though? The coaches (Pop and Doc), who somehow got away with playing their conference rivals’ stars (Kobe/Pau and Heatles) ridiculous minutes while resting their own (Duncan, the Cetlics). We also join the internets in lavishing praise on The Basketball Jones, who easily won the weekend with all of their video goodies. Seriously, check some out over at www.thescore.com/tbj, but don’t fall in love too much! We’re your one-stop shop for delayed reactions to NBA news!

    Whoa, this recap is already ridiculously detailed and kind of laughing in the face of the definition of "recap." So, I’ll make this quick. We transition from the All Star game to the massive Melo trade that finally went down. Everyone wins, although we’d rank the winners in order as 1) Melo 2) The Nuggets and 3) The Knicks. Like any trade, let’s reevaluate at the end of the season!

    Finally, we both reveal our new obsessions with Friday Night Lights. We know, all the cool TV heads have been hip to the dusty, Austin-based football drama for years now, but please make room for us on the cattle car, will ya?

    That’s it for now, folks. Thanks for listening to us talk:

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