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  1. Shots - First Person - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    In Cold Chisel’s early years during the mid seventies, gigs were irregular and poorly paid, and so Don was living in a dingy Kings Cross hotel. This episode contains snap shots of some of the interesting characters mixing in the same milieu of sex and drugs and rock’n’roll.
    Please note that this episode contains strong language.


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  2. Shots - First Person - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Having been playing the pubs and clubs of Adelaide for a while now, Cold Chisel broadens its horizons by heading east in search of new audiences. Soon they’ll be spending much of their time on the road, travelling the triangle between Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, as they slowly build a reputation.


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  3. Shots - First Person - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    After completing his university studies Don moved to Adelaide to work at the Weapons Research Establishment. But music is proving a major distraction. Cold Chisel has formed, and the late night gigs are not conducive to getting to work the next day.


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  4. Shots - First Person - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Don leaves his home town in rural New South Wales. This becomes the beginning of a life lived on the road: from his travels north to university, south to Sydney, west to Adelaide - where Cold Chisel was to form in 1973 - and the decades of touring since.


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  5. Shots - First Person - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    As a teenager, Don falls under the spell of rock’n’roll.


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  6. Shots - First Person - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    In prose beautifully informed by his long career as one of Australia’s best song writers, Don Walker creates a series of snapshots ranging from his early life in rural Australia to his time as a member of the hugely popular band Cold Chisel. Learning piano as a young boy in the bush, the band’s early days in Adelaide, wild times on the road, and living on the edge in Kings Cross are all evoked in a pared-back but captivating manner.

    Don Walker was born in 1951, and grew up in northern New South Wales. After studying mathematics and science he moved to Adelaide to work at the Weapons Research Establishment. It was in Adelaide that he met the fellow musicians with whom he would form the band Cold Chisel, in 1973. Ten years and five albums later, the band disbanded. In the time since Don has continued to write and perform music under his own name, as Catfish, and as part of Tex, Don and Charlie.


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  7. Bloggingheads.tv


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  8. Cold War Linguists: The NSA’s Spies of Teufelsberg

    Berlin makes for an interesting backdrop for President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss recent revelations about NSA surveillance. It was there, during the Cold War, that the United States and the Soviet Union focused much of their espionage activity.

    After World War Berlin lay in ruins, its buildings reduced to rubble. The Russians used tons of that rubble, including parts of Hitler’s chancellery, to build a giant war memorial in what would become Soviet East Berlin.

    The Americans created a hill out of their rubble. The artificial hill, built on top of a never-completed Nazi military-technical college, was dubbed Teufelsberg, German for “Devil’s Mountain.” At 260 feet, it was hardly a mountain. But it was tall enough for the NSA to point antennas hundreds of miles into East Germany.


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  9. War Games and Armageddon | Tim Harford Pop-Up Economics (BBC)

    Episode 3. Tim Harford tells the story of Thomas Schelling, an economist who helped America and the Soviet Union to avoid nuclear war.


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  10. Tracking the Lincolnshire Poacher

    Simon Fanshawe embarks on a detective journey into the clandestine world of radio cryptography and attempts to solve one of the most unusual broadcast mysteries of all time.

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