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  1. Macworld Podcast #309: Spotlight on Podcasts and Chrome for iOS

    Apple and Google have made headlines in the last week with their mobile releases. We take a closer look at the Podcasts and Chrome apps for iOS.


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  2. Browser Wars V: The Angry Birds Era

    The browser wars panel has been an SxSW institution, and gives us a forum to bring browser vendors to to the table to take stock of new developments on the web. As in years past, we’ll bring Mozilla (Firefox), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (IE), Opera (Opera), and maybe Apple (Safari) to the table to speak of developments on the web, and to share their unique perspectives as those who make the platforms on which the web is viewed.

    Our tag line this year places tongue firmly in cheek. Interesting chatter continues about applications on the web. What’s the story with browser-based app stores? While we’re at it, microdata has been embraced by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, but the web seems underwhelmed by schema.org. And why hasn’t HTML5 video changed our lives already, and why aren’t there any real peer-to-peer apps on the web yet? And, is WebGL ready or just sodden in hype? We’ll get candid on this panel, and take stock of the era of modern browsers, mobile apps, and Angry Birds.


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  3. JavaScript Jabber Podcast #6: Chrome Dev Tools with Paul Irish

    006 JSJ Chrome Dev Tools with Paul Irish


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  4. Can Chromebooks Make a Comeback?

    A Techwise Conversation With Analyst Ben Bajarin

    "It’s been two months since Samsung and Acer, in collaboration with Google, started selling the Chromebook. For about a third the price of a MacBook Air you get a similarly sleek computer. The downside? It runs essentially one application—Google’s Chrome browser. In exchange, though, you’re as free as a bird to roam among the clouds…."

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  5. Tech Weekly podcast: Crowdsourced gadgets, Hargreaves report, Google Chromebooks | Technology | guardian.co.uk

    The government reveals the Treasury receives 20,000 cyberattacks a month, intellectual property leaks, and the launch of Google’s Chrome OS


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  6. SitePoint Podcast #97: The Occasional Dick Move with Louis Simoneau

    This week Kevin Yank (@sentience) chats with Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict), SitePoint’s head Technical Editor, about why he thinks Google’s move to drop H.264 is a good thing, whether the W3C’s new logo for HTML5 is any good at all, and why the WHAT-WG has decided to drop the ‘5’ from HTML5.

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  7. Google’s Chrome OS Announced by Eric Schmidt


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  8. PuhujainKulma - viikottainen paneelikeskustelupodcast teknologiasta

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  9. TWiT Live Special: Google I/O 2010 - Day 1

    Hosts: Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt

    Tom and Leo analyze the latest developments as they are announced at the Google I/O 2010 Conference.


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  10. SitePoint Podcast #55: State-sponsored Brown Paper

    "Patrick shares his experiences at South by Southwest, the team discuss Chrome developer tools and the imminent launch of Photoshop CS5, and what Opera is doing to get into the App Store. This week’s show has something for everybody!"


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