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  1. Mondo Diablo Episode 374: MRA: Misogynistic Reprobate Assholes

    I don’t think I have anything to add to the idea of the MRA, so I figure they can do the talking themselves. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with them, well, you don’t listen to this podcast anyway, so you aren’t reading this right now. That means I can call you a stinky-faced poo-poo heads who eats poo and writes with it.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 6 months ago

  2. Mondo Diablo Episode 366: J.C. Willke: Sluts be Crazy

    I’m not going to spend too much time sitting here writing this, so you’ll just have to find out about it all by yourself. Or go here. http://www.lifeissues.org/willke.html

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee one year ago

  3. Mondo Diablo Episode 357: Hell House!

    The most evil and diabolical acts typically come from teenagers in an evangelical Christian youth group. Namely, a "Hell House." We get our clips about Hell Houses and five year-olds exposed to "The Shining," from "This American Life."

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee one year ago

  4. Mondo Diablo Episode 356 * Beware the Yeti

    Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious Universe hunts the elusive Yeti, and I go off on a feminist rant. So shrill. So goddamned shrill.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee one year ago

  5. Mondo Diablo Episode 346: Unbelievable! Crazy Calls to the Atheist Experience

    This week is an extra-long treat, with the best bad calls to the Atheist Experience, which can be viewed or listened to at http://www.atheist-experience.com/ . I recommend listening on Ustream or Blip TV live. They’ve got quite a following on Youtube though, and one could watch clips from several years of shows for hours on end. And I’ve done this.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee one year ago

  6. Mondo Diablo Episode 291: Fundie Fantasy

    To start the New Year off right, I had to start it with fstdt.com . Fundies say the Darndest Things. This episode is all about Teh Gays, because DADT was FINALLY repealed, and the fundies are all OVER that shit. This has implications. Fundies have traditionally been pro-military: My Country: Love it or Leave It. So, maybe they’ll leave, or maybe they’ll stop supporting the military, or maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’ll start ignoring the gays? Or are they simple sports fans, supporting the team that DOESN’T acknowledge an Out player? Whatever they do, they’re screwed, and I couldn’t be happier.

    On that note, on most blogs, I included the full addresses of the conversations, so that maybe I’ll have some of those people coming in here, complaining that I’ve misrepresented them in some way. Maybe I can ask them a few questions.

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  7. The Flicks That Church Forgot: Episode 37: Christians and Halloween Part 3 (Addressing Common Objections to Halloween)

    We conclude our exploration into Halloween and Christianity, by offering responses to the common objections to Halloween. (http://theflicksthatchurchforgot.podomatic.com/entry/2010-10-01T14_50_36-07_00)

    Podcast highlight in Episode 137 of Forgotten Classics (http://hcforgottenclassics.blogspot.com)

    —Huffduffed by JulieD 3 years ago

  8. The Flicks That Church Forgot: Episode 35: Christians and Halloween Part 1 (The Origins of Halloween)

    Especially for the Halloween season, we take a three part look at Christians and Halloween. Why are they so against it? And might it be possible for a Christian to enjoy Halloween along with everyone else?

    TONIGHT: The Origins of Halloween. Exploring where Halloween originated from, and its growing popularity in Western cultures. (http://theflicksthatchurchforgot.podomatic.com/entry/2010-10-01T15_51_02-07_00)

    Podcast highlight in Episode 137 of Forgotten Classics (http://hcforgottenclassics.blogspot.com)

    —Huffduffed by JulieD 3 years ago

  9. Mondo Diablo Episode 264: A Fundie Fracas!

    Darwinism has long ago been shown to be pure mythology. It’s only supporters are the phoney profs that use it as a vehicle for dumbing down the naive student population and applying for federal grants, AND gullible followers. Tell me, when’s the last time you saw a half man-half ape OR a half man-half fish? You suggest: Tell the truth and people can decide. It seems to me people are deciding and the darwinist "groupies" view this independent thought as encroachment on their turf. Since they cannot bear detailed scrutiny, they make haste to silence the opposition.

    kimosabe31, Free Republic

    Do you know since God gave us , cows, pigs, chicken and goat domisticated 6000 years before and yet no scientitits made a domisticated animal up to now? That’s why we should thank our Lord. Thomas, Yahoo Answers

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 3 years ago

  10. Mondo Diablo Episode 243 * Fundies FAIL

    This week: more Hilarity from Fundies Say the Darndest Things! Watch out, non-Christians (and "wrong" Christians)! They’re getting a might riled up nowadays!

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee 4 years ago