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  1. Fuzzy Typewriter : Veronica Mars (2014)

    David and Jay discuss the Veronica Mars movie, from their history with Rob Thomas’ original TV series to the Kickstarter campaign and their hopes for the character’s future.


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  2. Dan Carlon’s Common Sense Episode 273: Auctioning the Republic

    The Supreme Court says trading campaign contributions for political influence isn’t a bug in the U.S. system, it’s a feature. Dan weighs in on the ramifications of such a decision. Also, Cuban Twitter isn’t so Cuban." name="description


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  3. Episode 14: Copy Hacking for Conversions w/Joanna Wiebe | Chasing Product

    Joanna Weibe of CopyHackers sets us all straight on what copy hacking (writing conversion copy for the web) is all about, and how it can help your startup.


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  4. Total Creative Freedom | The Weekly Briefly

    On today’s show I talk about the lessons, goals, good parts, bad parts, and other related miscellany regarding the past 3 years of writing shawnblanc.net as my full-time gig.


    The 2014 membership drive and giveaway

    Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations

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    Campaign Monitor: Get inspired with a collection of 2013’s best email marketing campaigns!

    The awesome members of shawnblanc.net: thanks to their support of this site for over three years and for making the work that I do a sustainable possibility.

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 31:01 — 21.6MB)


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  5. Zach Weinersmith | Webcomics Confidential

    Zach Weinersmith is a webcomics powerhouse. Beyond his brillinat comic, SMBC,  comic, he has done sketch comedy as part of SMBC Theater, he has written choose-your-own-adventure books, and he has launched a festival celebrating evolution, BAHfest.

    Zach and I covered issues of business-growth as well as his philosophies on social media and comic conventions. To be honest, I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of it. I can say this — this podcast has already made me re-think some of the things I’ve been doing for years now.

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  6. Rich Stevens | Webcomics Confidential

    Rich Stevens is a fantastic cartoonist and a Twitter maestro. His sublime comic, Diesel Sweeties, has been in continuous production since 2000. Rich and I covered his wide range of merchandising experiences, Twitter, his experiment with newspaper syndication and, in a recurring theme, the beauty of restraint. It’s one of those talks where an hour goes by in the blink of an eye.

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  7. 15 Year Old Social Justice Activist, Kasha Slavner, Gets Real - Good Life Project

    Kasha Slavner is a social justice activist and budding documentary filmmaker who recently took home second prize in what Raindance Toronto calls the ‘Dragon’s Den for filmmakers.”

    That would be a huge accomplishment for any aspiring filmmaker and activist, but what makes this even more unusual is that Kasha is, wait for it…

    15 YEARS OLD!!!

    Kasha’s interest in social justice and activism was sparked when, at the age of 8, she was exposed to the work of Craig Kielburger who co-founded Free The Children in 1995 at only 12 years of age. From that moment, she realized you’re never too young to make a difference.

    So she began to create her own ways to serve. A passionate photographer, blogger and social entrepreneur, Kasha has initiated many social justice and leadership campaigns and turned her creative interests into a number of social ventures—Sweet Scrub© and Kasha’s Cards of Kindness ©—that fund her photography and deep commitment to causes she cares about. And this year, she was invited to attend the United Nations as a youth delegate for the 57th Commission on the Status of Women

    Kasha’s work came to my attention when she launched an Indiegogo campaign with her mom to fund a documentary film and book of short stories/reflections that explore global citizenship, resilience, inspiration and empowered leadership while traveling the world with her mother.

    You can support Kasha’s quest to make a film that teaches global citizenship to kids journey by donating to her Indiegogo campaign here.

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  8. Happy Monday Podcast

    Tuesday 03rd December 2013

    Mel Kirk is a social campaign architect and owner of Tribal Media.


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  9. Critical Hits Podcast #18: Planning Your Campaign Using the 55 Method Seminar — Critical Hits

    I gave a talk at synDCon 2010 on how to use the 5×5 Method to plan a campaign arc. I took suggestions from the audience and walked through the process, and by the end, we had the structure to start planning.

    This one is a bit more heavily edited, since it was a lot of audience participation and the recorder didn’t pick that up as well. Hopefully it still flows pretty well and you can follow along- be sure that you check out the table below to see the final 5×5 grid.

    Planning Your Campaign Using the 5×5 Method Seminar (33 minutes, 14 MB)

    [Download iPod version | Download MP3 version | Podcast Feed]

    Kill Orcus

    Purge Genericland from Evil

    Bring Back Universal Healing

    Collect Magic Dragon Skulls

    Find the Artifact


    Find Local Cult

    Orcish Warband

    Discover Necrotic Aura as Source

    Find Library

    Find the Owner


    Confront Doresain


    Thrown into Power Struggle

    Find Piece A



    Find Abyssal Skiff

    Evil Cult





    Enter the Abyss

    Dragon Home

    Ally with Church or Nobles




    Fight Orcus

    Lich Necromancer Vampire

    Discover King/Vizier

    Gotta Catch ‘Em All

    Find It

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  10. American Radical

    Bill Ayers, one-time leader of the Weather Underground, education professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the author of Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident (Beacon Press, 2013), talks about his re-emergence on the national scene during the 2008 presidential campaign.

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