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  1. PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

    On this episode of the podcast we talk to Andy Hung, founder of Dojo Outfitters in Portland, OR. Andy talks about his love both BJJ and judo, training with legends and how he started Dojo Outfitters. Enjoy! " name="DESCRIPTION


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  2. PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

    On this episode of the podcast the JiujitsuGeeks talk to Clark Gracie. Clark discusses growing up in America before the BJJ boom, his famous family, the Gracie diet, and his philosophy on the gentle art. Enjoy! " name="DESCRIPTION


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  3. TWiV 155: XXII Brazilian National Virology Meeting

    Vincent, Grant, Eurico, Paulo, Francisco and Janice discuss Brazilian virology at the Brazilian Virology Society meeting in Atibaia, São Paulo, Brazil.


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  4. Lesson 3: Greetings

    In this lesson you will learn important vocabulary concerning greetings. You’re also going to learn how to use them and how they apply to different


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  5. Apanhei-te Cavaquinho

    A Choro classic played by William Beuche and Jake Rekedal.

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