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  1. Unfinished Business 53: A bedroom and no social life

    It’s a good one this week. I’m joined again by Elliott Kember to talk about whether being acquired is just a poncy way of saying that you’re taking a job at a big company. We discuss Google buying a nest thermostatNest Labs for $3.2billion when they could’ve got one for a hundred quid at B&Q and why some people have reacted very negatively to the deal.

    Best of all, we start and end this episode with a song that sounds absolutely nothing at all like Purple Rain. You don’t get singing like that on The Freelance Web or The Big Web Show, I can tell you.


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  2. Andy Clarke on the Happy Monday podcast

    In this episode of Happy Monday, Sarah Parmenter and Josh Long talk with the clever and talented Andy Clarke.


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  3. Unfinished Business: Because you’re worth it

    In this episode, the often taboo subject of how to decide what to charge for what you do. Getting the balance between too cheap and too pricey can be tricky, so Andy and Anna share their experiences — including Andy’s infamous ‘double your rate Fridays — and how to handle uncomfortable conversations about money.


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  4. Andy Clarke and Anna Debenham have Unfinished Business

    Andy Clarke and Anna Debenham discuss why a show about business is important and why one needn’t be boring. They talk about this week’s CES and whether designers and developers might need to buy these new devices. And of course, Andy talks about Planet Of The Apes while Anna nods politely.


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  5. The Web Ahead: Web Design with Andy Clarke

    Designer, speaker and author Andy Clarke joins Jen Simmons to talk about the process of web design. Andy starts with a rant about online criticism, and goes on to talk about techniques, tools and more.


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  6. The Big Web Show Episode 27: Andy Clarke — It’s Hardboiled

    Andy Clarke joins Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin to talk about his new book, Hardboiled Web Design, the evolution of the web, and the right way to design with HTML5 and CSS3.

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