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    Bishop N.T. Wright joined us on Tuesday, November 12 for an interview with Dr. Jo-Ann Badley, Professor of Biblical Studies at The Seattle School on his


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  2. Oddio Comic #45 - Iron Man #164 “The Deadly Blessing” - Part 2

    Part Two of our banging Iron Man Oddio Comic, "The Deadly Blessing." Iron Man’s climactic battle with The Bishop! Plus, Rhodey battles a fat guy! It’s all-out war in Scotland!

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  3. Oddio Comic 44 - Iron Man #164 - “Deadly Blessing” Part 1

    In honor of Iron Man 3, we give you a new oddio comic: Iron Man #164. After a couple quickies, Iron Man must travel to Scotland to battle the religious zealot known as The Bishop, who has a problem with sex outside of marriage. Warning, this one may not be safe for work.

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  4. Sift: Route to the Origin of Life

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  5. Sift: The Story of Earth

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  6. LA Talk Radio | NightVision Radio with Rene Barnett


    Guest: Greg Bishop. "Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth."

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  7. LA Talk Radio | NightVision Radio with Rene Barnett | Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern


    NightVision Radio guest host Greg Bishop welcomes author, journalist and researcher Nick Redfern to discuss his new book, Final Events… and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife. Tune in for a very interesting show!

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  8. City Limits: Live from the Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool

    The second public conversation about the nature and use of public space in the Sky Arts Artichoke Salon Series.

    Are large-scale public events nothing more than a waste of resources and a drain on the public purse? Or does creating a shared and special history by galvanizing a community far outweigh the disruption and cost?

    In the wake of Liverpool ‘08 (European Capital of Culture) and as the 6th Liverpool Biennial explored the impact of art on a city, curator and writer Tim Marlow chaired a panel of provocative speakers who explored the impact of art on a city in this public conversation to consider the true legacy of the programme of events that transformed Liverpool.

    In the mysterious underground kingdom of The Williamson Tunnels the debate examined the true impact that the programme of cultural events in Liverpool has had on the city and its inhabitants, asking whether a city can still produce events of the kind seen in Liverpool during 2008, particularly during these straitened times during a recession.


    Lewis Biggs Artistic Director, Liverpool Biennial

    Helen King Assistant Chief Constable, Merseyside Police

    Helen Marriage Co-Director, Artichoke

    The Right Reverend James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool

    Tim Marlow (Chair), Curator and Broadcaster

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  9. Bishop Allen - Click Click Click Click


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