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  1. An interview with Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycleworks

    What do you look for in a new bike? One made of exotic, high tech materials also found in fighter jets and moon landers or a traditional lugged, steel ride where the "performance" is provided not by high tech but by you, the rider? In this episode, we take a trip out to Walnut Creek in the East Bay to chat with Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works to gain insight into his philosophy of the bicycle craft.


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  2. Bikers Beware | yourpublicmedia.org

    In 1896 — a time when Scientifc American ran a regular "Cycling notes" column — the following item appeared. "Count Leo Tolstoi, the Russian novelist, now rides the wheel, much to the astonishment of the peasants on his estate."

    Tolstoi was 67 when he took up riding. This is often cited as an example of never being too old to master something new. It’s also a reminder of what the old biking culture was like. In Moscow of 1896, there were estimated to be 5,000 regular bike riders, although only about half had obtained some kind of license theoretically required to ride within the city limits.

    Around the same time Mark Twain wrote a essay about mastering the high-wheel bike — known then as "the Ordinary." "Get a bicycle," he concluded. "You will not regret it, if you live." A good joke at the time. It’s a little more chilling for riders on the roads in 2012.


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  3. The Gospel According to St Grant | The Bike Show - a cycling radio show and podcast from Resonance FM

    Grant Petersen thinks most cyclists need to ‘unrace themselves’, that is to say, stop following what professional racing cyclists do. Instead we should all ride more comfortable bikes in more comfortable clothes and be more relaxed about the whole experience. He’s written a book called Just Ride and, in an extended interview, he tells Jack Thurston exactly what he means. Grant Petersen is a highly regarded bicycle designer, formerly of Bridgestone USA and founder and owner of Rivendell Bicycle Works in northern California.


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  4. Cycles (FYE #3)

    This week, we examine cycles. Are our lives and our culture locked within cycles? Are we aware of it? Should we be aware of it? Or is there a certain folly in paying too much attention? Our quest for answers has us talking with bike shop owners and a Finnegans Wake reading group. We reveal how Raiders of the Lost Ark caused two teenage boys to become consumed by a relentless cycle of remaking the movie they loved with limited cinematic resources. We also talk with Scottish novelist Ian Rankin about how he returned to Inspector Rebus and got caught up in cycles he couldn’t quite describe and Lesley Alderman, the author of The Book of Times, who shows us how being aware of time doesn’t necessarily preclude you from finding enticing new cycles of existence.


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  5. E098 – Tammy Strobel & Logan Smith: Rural Happiness | The Sprocket Podcast

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  6. Episode 18: Total Recall. They’ve Stolen My Holidays and I Want Them Back! | flammecast.com


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  7. Is Biking Easier In New York? Ask The Bike Snob

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