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  1. The Ship Shop Episode 40: Delving Into the Delight of ChefConf 2014

    It’s time again for all the Chefs to get together in the kitchen in San Francisco and look at all of the developments in the last year, plus look forward to the next year in the configuration management space, industry trends in DevOps and, of course, Chef! We grab a bottle of bourbon, some bacon, and sit down to discuss all of the “shenanigans” at ChefConf 2014, as well as look back at the keynotes, our favorite talks, hallway track conversations with old friends and new, plus

    reveal this year’s Awesome Community Chefs. Join the panel, plus a couple of very special surprise guests, as we go:

    Delving Into the Delight of ChefConf 2014!

    Join J. Paul Reed, aka @SoberBuildEng, Youssuf El-Kalay, aka @buildscientist, Seth Thomas, aka @cheeseplus, and Sascha Bates, aka @sascha_d for the discussion, plus a the last couple of weeks in News & Views and some ChefConf silliness!

    Or, download Episode 40, or any of our previous shows!

    Show Links/Notes

    Conference Hug Counter!

    1:02 – News & Views

    Bug in OpenSSL takes the Internet by storm

    Akamai announces they protected themselves against Heartbleed… except not really

    OpenSSL Heartbleed timeline

    Theo de Raadt of OpenBSD fame weighs in Heartbleed

    The ACM also asks us to Put OpenSSL out of its misery

    Domen Kožar tells us why Why Puppet/Chef/Ansible aren’t good enough

    BASIC Turns 50 years old; check out some photos of the nostalgia

    DZone’s 2014 Guide to Continuous Delivery

    12:14 – Main Segment: Delving Into the Delight of ChefConf 2014!

    Barry Crist and the “delight economy”

    CTO Adam Jacob gives a heartfelt keynote and his take on the concept

    GE’s Justin Arbuckle Hunts the DevOps Whale

    Jez Humble helps us learn to discover the right thing to do

    Rachel Chalmers weaves Silicon Valley lore together

    Turns out Azure is doing some really interesting stuff!

    1:09:35 – ChefConf 2014 Either/Or Game

    Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute holding their annual academic conference in Portland (Paul is speaking!)

    Velocity Santa Clara and New York are coming up!

    DevOpsDays Pittsburgh’s Program is out

    As always, devopsconferences.com has the latest

    ChefConf 2014 Either/Or Game

    We play the “Either/Or” Game with various #ChefConf 2014 attendees, including some people you may have heard of before…

    Join Us!

    What are you excited about with Chef in 2014?

    How do you think this “delight economy” will affect your role in your organization?

    Join the discussion!

    On Twitter, at @ShipShowPodcast

    Or via email us at crew@theshipshow.com

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  2. What to Expect and Do After a Mindfulness Retreat ~ Shinzen Young - YouTube

    Shinzen talks about what to expect and do after his mindfulness retreats.


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  3. How Continuity of Practice Will Help you Catch Fire ~ Shinzen Young - YouTube

    Yeah, I had a hard time naming this one because while it started out - and is - wonderful practical tips of how to get the most out of a retreat, Shinzen You…


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  4. 3 Key Moments for Shinzen Young - YouTube

    Shinzen describes his 3 most pivotal moments of insight on the spiritual path - including one after which nothing was the same. http://www.basicmindfulness.o


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  5. Shinzen Describes the Vajrayana Practice - YouTube

    Shinzen describes the Vajrayana practice in which we first became ordained as a Monk in Japan. http://www.basicmindfulness.org/ This is part of an interview …


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  6. DPD011 – Auphonic wie funktioniert das? › PodUnion

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  7. Basic Brewing Radio, 301 - Cantillon’s Jean van Roy Interview

    Phillip Lamb interviews Jean van Roy, owner and brewmaster of historic lambic brewery Cantillon.

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  8. How to Start Weight Training

    A professional trainer explains why you should use resistance training with weights in your workout routine. Learn more.


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  9. An introduction to Android and accessibility with talk back. » The dodgy domain of Digital Darragh


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  10. I am Here for You: Talk for Children « Thich Nhat Hanh Dharma Talks

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