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  1. TMBA 237: Thoughts On the Costs and Logistics of Location Independent Living

      This week, another one of our listeners challenged us to dig deeper and explain the nitty gritty of what the cost of a location independent entrepreneur lifestyle is. We aren’t pulling any punches, as we candidly discuss the real


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  2. TMBA20 – What Is the Best Place in Southeast Asia for Internet Entrepreneurs?

    –>Click here to subscribe to Tropical Talk Radio in iTunes. –>Leave me a message, question, or comment for the show. This week I totally geek out on one of my favorite topics: how do various locations in Southeast Asia stack up to each


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  5. hEpisode #69 – 6 Unorthodox Blog Content re


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  7. Melasti ceremony in Ubud, Bali - 5 March 2008

    A bunch of gamelan orchestras on trucks revving up and about to drive down to the coast to participate in some sacrifices to the demons that live in the sea.

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  8. Nyepi Rain in Bali - 7 March 2008

    Field recording of rain during the startling quiet of Nyepi day, when the whole island of Bali shuts down and religious police roams the streets to prevent anyone doing anything.

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  9. Walking the Night Market - 4 March 2008

    Field recording made while walking around the night market in Seminjak, Bali

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  10. Melasti ceremony in Kuta, Bali - 4 March 2008

    A huge gamelan orchestra performing on the beach.


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