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  1. Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative: Interview with Austin Kleon

    If you give a kindergartner a piece of paper and a box of crayons, she’ll know exactly what do with them. Give them to a teenager or an adult, and you’re likely to be met with a blank stare. Sadly, it seems as though the older a person gets, the more unlikely they are to consider themselves creative.

    Guess what? You ARE creative, whether you think so or not. And in this interview, Austin Kleon shares valuable tips you can use to set yourself up to allow that creativity to shine, no matter who you are or what you do. Austin is the author of the best-selling book, “Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.” Like Toto in the Wizard of Oz, Austin pulls back the curtain on the mythology of the artist, revealing that creativity is not pre-ordained from on high, but comes from incorporating some pretty basic principles that are accessible and applicable to everyone.

    Adultitis may have convinced you that you’re not creative. Well, Adultitis lied. Again.

    Listen to this interview and get the truth.

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    Newspaper Blackout poems

    Steal Like An Artist blog post


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  2. Rooster Teeth Podcast #237 with Greg Miller


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  3. Austin Kleon at CreativeMornings/Austin

    On April 5, 2013 CreativeMornings/Austin welcomed Austin Kleon, a writer who draws, for its ongoing series of breakfast talks for creative types.

    Audio-rip, original here: http://vimeo.com/65988589

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    A few weeks ago I flew up to Seattle to film an interview with photographer Chase Jarvis. We talked a lot about my books (including the new one) and art and creativity in general. We also took a lot of questions from the live and online audience.

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  5. Wearable Tech And Augmented Reality - NPR OnPoint - Directions Magazine

    Technology you will wear. Google’s glasses. Apple’s iWatch. And “augmented reality” on its way. Guests Omar Gallaga, technology culture writer for the Austin American-Statesman. (@omarg) Amber Case, director of the Portland R&D Center for the tech firm Esri. (@caseorganic) Ben Chigier, retired software engineer and entrepreneur. He and his daughter each own a pair of “augmented” ski goggles. Full details: http://onpoint.wbur.org/2013/02/28/wearable-tech-and-augmented-reality


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  6. Disability and disability benefits - FederalNewsRadio.com

    Lester Austin, public affairs specialist at the Social Security Administration, explains the disability application process and answer your questions about benefits. September 10, 2012


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  7. The Golden Briefcase at Fantastic Fest 2012: Recap of Days 1 to 4 | FirstShowing.net

    Fantastic Fest is well underway in Austin and we’ve already seen tons of films including Frankenweenie, Sinister and more. Tim and Jeremy have been


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  8. I Hate Myself For Talking About Star Wars

    For one last time I am sitting down with Brandon in the Einmaleins studio to discuss the last year of media production, his upcoming move to Austin, TX and designer’s reactions to the new Brooklyn Nets logo.

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  9. Everything Is a Remix, so Steal Like an Artist

    While many have described the new world of remix culture where “nothing is original,” few have provided practical advice for those of us who find ourselves living and making things in it. Join filmmaker Kirby Ferguson (creator of the video series EVERYTHING IS A REMIX) and artist Austin Kleon (author of NEWSPAPER BLACKOUT and STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST) as they show clips from Kirby’s work and discuss how one best goes about being a creator in the digital age.

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  10. Exclusive ticketing and PSL Speedcast at COTA | Speed City Podcast

    Circuit of the Americas, Formula 1, MotoGP, SuperV8, Indy Car, NASCAR, drag racing, auto racing, car shows, Podcast, Austin Texas,


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