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  1. Ser MJS - Adventures in SciFi Publishing, ep 250

    How serendipitous to have big news for our 250th episode? In an effort to keep the lid on the news, I’ll leave the show notes at this. I’ll come back in a day or so and put in some links to stuff we talk about. For now, have a listen, and thanks so much to our audience for keeping us around this long.

    We chatted about an indie gogo campaign coming up for Brent’s friend, Eric Reynolds of Hadley Rille Books, who suffered a stroke recently.

    Moses chats about nearing the finish line with THE NINTH WIND, the first book in his new trilogy. His previous novel, THE BLACK GOD’S WAR is described as a stand alone, similar to how THE HOBBIT is to LORD OF THE RINGS. Yeah, he says he’s that good.

    Just kidding, but it is a good analogy because as we talk about POV shifting, he says that TNW may be a better starting point for people to read his series, or TBGW could be a better start based on preferences for shifting between POVs.

    We chatted about getting good feedback and readers for your fiction. We talked about finding good fiction as readers, including how we read now that we are critical editors for our own writing.

    Duration: 1:10:00


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  2. Ascolta l’anteprima!

    Ad alta voce: leggere e ascoltare voci professionali, opere di grandi autori, letteratura e saggistica grazie al portale web ilNarratore.com 750 titoli MP3, Audio-eBook, EPUB3, CD e CDMP3.


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  3. Interview: Robin Whitten, Editor Of AudioFile Magazine : NPR

    Forget the taped readings of yore. Today’s audiobooks feature integrated musical performances, movie-quality sound effects and all-star casts of rotating narrators. Take a peek at the new world of listenable literature with AudioFile magazine founder Robin Whitten’s list of four notable audiobooks from 2013.


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  4. Almost Human

    A criminal takes over an android for proper training and has the tables turned on him as the android is almost human. George Lefferts wrote the story. The cast includes Santos Ortega, Joan Allison, Jack Grimes, Guy Repp, Nat Pollen, Joseph Julian and Lin Cook. Writer: Robert Bloch

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  5. A Pail of Air

    A boy narrates tale of cold, almost airless Earth. The Earth was pulled away from it’s orbit by a passing comet when he was an infant and his family live in a nest. Script by George Lefferts. The cast includes Ronnie Liss, Pamela Fitzmorris, Dick Hamilton and Joe De Santis. Writer: Fritz Leiber

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  6. A Gun for Dinosaur

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  7. Isaac Asimov - Foundation 8 of 8

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  8. Isaac Asimov - Foundation 7 of 8

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  9. Isaac Asimov - Foundation 6 of 8

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  10. Isaac Asimov - Foundation 5 of 8

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