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  1. Multi-channel experience frameworks: Challenges designing for 1ft, 2ft and 10ft experiences « UX Australia 2011

    Most companies struggle with questions of consistency, familiarity, integration and convergence when delivering products and services across channels. Should products look and feel the same across different media and contexts? How do you create consistent, familiar experiences across products? How do you bring together teams with different perspectives and skill sets to achieve a common vision on delivering integrated end-to-end experiences?

    We’ll be presenting a recent 10 week project in which Mobile Experience was engaged to produce a strategic design framework to help our client deliver more seamless products and services across 1ft, 2ft and 10ft contexts.

    With the ultimate goals of raising customer-centred design awareness, improving product and service quality, establishing greater design consistency, and raising organisational design maturity, this framework also sought to examine and address critical institutional barriers within the organisation that inhibit end-to-end service delivery.

    Anything but theoretical, this framework delivered tangible tools and examples to bring teams together around a common vision and approach to design. Moreover, we discuss how the framework sought to institutionalise best practice across Online, Mobile/Tablet and TV environments; embed end-to-end service requirements; facilitate evaluation of existing designs; and support organisational change management.

    This presentation will discuss the following outcomes, learnings and challenges:

    Defining a strategic, theoretically-sound yet pragmatic approach to multi-channel design
 Uncovering organisational factors that inhibit effective design practice
 Establishing a design vocabulary to articulate different levels of design, their place and importance to stakeholders
 How strategic design frameworks can help organisations create a more cohesive and principle-driven design environment
 Challenges and lessons learnt from embedding new strategic design practices

 Audience members will receive insights into designing for multi-channel environments (mobile web, mobile apps, tablet, PC, TV), practical examples of the strategic framework in action, and clear take aways to build upon our successes and learnings.

    Slides - http://www.slideshare.net/rodfarmer/creating-multichannel-design-frameworks-mobile-experience-9016224


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