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  1. DHUnplugged #217: Is Janet Yellen the New Chevy Chase? | DH Unplugged

    OOPS! Janet Yellen, in her first rate announcement speech as the Fed Chair spooks markets with a comment about a rate rise. her overall nervousness reminded us of Chevy Chase and his short lived TV show… We talk about some interesting stocks in the 3D printing industry as well as banking, markets and news from around the world.

    Stocks to watch as well…

    Horowitz has a series of trading indicators now available for Tradestation – HEREFollow John and Andrew on Twitter….

    Disclosure: Horowitz & Company clients may hold positions of securities mentioned as of the date published.

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  2. Get Up And Code 38: Chatting With Scott Hanselman | .NET Zone

    Yes, that is right.  We actually got Scott Hanselman on the show.  How cool is that?Scott is actually quite a fit guy—he even…


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  3. GUEST DJ PROJECT: Bruce Eric Kaplan

    New Yorker cartoonist Bruce Eric Kaplan, also know by his initials BEK, explores his childhood psyche, his aspirations and the creative process through five songs from the ‘70s in his Guest DJ set.


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  4. The 404 913: Where Jill and the Amazon Kindle are on Fire (podcast) | The 404 Podcast - CNET Blogs

    The Rev. Justin Yu is out for the rest of the week, but in his place we have the always-informative financial guru Jill Schlesinger. Today we talk about the new Amazon Kindle Fire, and how it changes everything in the tablet market (especially for Google). But we also quiz Aunt Jill about the ongoing crisis in Europe, and she tells us about the sugary grab bag at the News & Documentary Emmys. Read this blog post by Wilson G. Tang on The 404 Podcast.


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  5. The 404 912: Where we’re trashing your rights (podcast) | The 404 Podcast - CNET Blogs

    Wilson’s out sick today, but CNET’s Bridget Carey steps up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth and knocks it out of the park with a full story rundown that includes Facebook iPad announcements, the next iPhone’s killer app, Google’s 13th birthday, camera lens thieves, and more! Did I use that baseball metaphor correctly? Read this blog post by Justin Yu on The 404 Podcast.


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  6. Skye Edwards: Solid Air

    The late John Martyn was a cult figure who counted musicians like Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton among his admirers. A double-disc tribute recording featuring


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  7. Jolie Holland and the Grand Chandeliers: Wreckage

    Jolie Holland’s new release, Pint of Blood, continues her romance with simple yet penetrating songs…


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  8. The PiratesWeek Podcast

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