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  1. PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge

    Theme Parks — Thirteen-year-old Ava Bigtree is having a difficult time. Her mother has just died and business is down at her family’s gator-wrestling theme park, Swamplandia! So begins Karen Russell’s critically-acclaimed debut novel, "Swamplandia!" We’ll meet Russell, as we explore theme parks. Also, getting high at Disney World.

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  2. Bruce Springsteen - The river (acoustic version)

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  3. Found out about you - Gin Blossoms

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  4. BBC - Podcasts - Americana: inside the USA

    Americana: An insider’s guide to the stories shaping the USA today. From Washington DC and broadcast every Sunday, at 7.15pm, Matt Frei is your host. On offer, discussion and insight from some of the best known names and voices in America.


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  5. Close Behind (Vocal mix) by Calexico

    From Feast of Wire.

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