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  1. Debug 33: Ken Ferry on Auto Layout, Passbook, and Understudy | iMore

    Ken Ferry talks to Guy and Rene about his time at Apple working on Cocoa, Auto Layout, and Passbook, and his new app, Understudy, which seeks to bring mentored learning into the iPad age.


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  2. Diecast #49: Broken Age, OOPS FEMINISM, Dark Souls - Twenty Sided

    So let’s have a nice, calm, non-controversial week talking abo- aw damn it someone mentioned feminism again, didn’t they? Let me get my crash helmet on.Direct download (MP3)Direct download (ogg Vorbis)Hosts: Rutskarn, Mumbles, Josh, Chris, and Shamus.Show notes:4:00 Mumbles completed Broken Age.Mild spoilers.12:00 OOPS FEMINISMIt’s hard to stop talking about this subject once you get started. For me the compelling thing is the completely anarchic and asymmetrical nature of the debate. This isn’t a two-sided war between people who want female protagonists and people who don’t. This is a multi-faceted debate where extremists tend to get the most attention. There are a lot of different types of “feminists” (who might not even self-identify as feminists[1]I don’t self-identify as one, but I’ve been called one. Labels are dangerous things and the LAST thing I want is another argument over what the word "feminist" means.) who just want more female protagonists. Then there are angry people who think that sexy characters are inherently destructive and that enjoying some T&A makes you a horrible person. Then the other side fails to draw a distinction between these two positions and hilarity ensues. Add in a handful of really ugly, Angry Young Men who spew hate and threats. Then have the feminist side[2]And remember, this side is actually several sides that don’t all self-identify as feminist. paint all of the opposition as if they were in league with – and sympathetic to – the Angry Young Men. Add in a couple of layers of counter-backlash to either side and suddenly it’s really hard to understand how such a simple idea can generate so much outrage.This complete mayhem creates a desire from people like me to clear up this confusion. Maybe I can’t settle the debate, but maybe I can at least help the various sides understand the complexity of the conflict? But no. My efforts never help and I just end up being yet another idealistic idiot shouting into the storm. And so it goes.Rutskarn mentioned this post from Susan Arendt on the Titanfall trailer.We also talk about women being integrated into the US Navy. This is such a sad topic for me. There are a lot more anecdotes like the one I told. The problem is that the whole subject is dripping with politics, and even people doing the right things are often doing them in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. For reference, these events happened around 1991 through 1993. (My brother was in boot camp when the Tailhook scandal took place.) I don’t know how the Navy is doing these days, but the early days of co-ed service were a complete mess. I could fill several pages with stories about how completely dysfunctional the service was and about how ugly and unfair (to both genders) integration was.36:00 Rutskarn is working on Unrest and playing Alpha Protocol.39:30 Chris is prepping for GDC and playing Titanfall48:00 Shamus is playing Borderlands 2 again, and also playing Path of Exile.Also we briefly discuss Race the Sun.55:30 Josh has begun playing The Walking Dead Season 2.56:00 Josh is playing Dark Souls.Here is the Dark Souls Critical Close-up Chris mentioned.1:05:00 MAIL TIME! Tagged:borderlands, broken age, dark souls, race the sun, titanfall, walking dead


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  3. From Britain With Love: Front-end Style Guides with Anna Debenham – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report

    IN BIG WEB SHOW № 113, developer Anna Debenham and I discuss Adventure Time, Code For America, starting a web career at age 14, checking websites in game console browsers, producing 24 Ways, and the delights of Spotted Dick and Victoria Sponge.

    Anna is the author of Front-end Style Guides, creator of the Game Console Browsers website for developers, co-producer of 24 Ways, technical editor for A List Apart, and was netmag’s Young Developer of the Year 2013.

    Enjoy Big Web Show № 113.

    This episode is sponsored by Squarespace, the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio. For a free trial and 10% off, go to squarespace.com and use the offer code JEFFREY.

    Websites We Mention

    Front-end Style Guides

    Game Console Browsers website for developers

    24 Ways

    A List Apart

    Code For America Style Guide

    Anna’s writing (http://maban.co.uk/writing/)

    Anna’s portfolio (http://maban.co.uk/portfolio/)

    Anna on Twitter

    Anna’s personal site

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  4. Harold Ramis On Working At ‘Playboy’ And Writing ‘Animal House’ : NPR

    The comedy actor, writer and director had co-written and planned to star in the long-awaited Ghostbusters III — but did not get the chance. He died Monday in Chicago at age 69.


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  5. The App Guy Podcast - Episode 17 : Greg Vodicka Of MillennialMarketing.com — OneMob

    In this episode, I interview Greg Vodicka a Millennial and a Storyteller working at Barkley and part of MillennialMarketing.com .  Greg opted to study the personality behind products and promotion. His fascination with consumer insights, in particular the age group referred to as millennials, is why we can learn so much when promoting our apps to these young people.


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  6. Surviving in ‘The Second Machine Age’: Forum | KQED Public Media for Northern CA

    From driverless cars to 3D printing, inventions that we once only imagined are now reality. M.I.T. experts Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson have dubbed this era of growing automation and digitization ‘The Second Machine Age.’ They join us to talk about what these vast and ongoing technological changes mean for our societal and economic futures.


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  7. Obama Proposes Limits on NSA Surveillance: Forum | KQED Public Media for Northern CA

    Today, President Obama is expected to announce that he will curtail controversial NSA secret surveillance programs that were disclosed by former agency contractor Edward Snowden. Obama’s proposal will reportedly create new limits on access to bulk telephone data and install a public advocate at a secret intelligence court. We consider the impact of the new measures, and how they affect the debate on privacy in the information age.


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  8. Super Joystiq Podcast 081: Tim Schafer interview, Broken Age, Risk of Rain, Don’t Starve | Joystiq

    This week’s Super Joystiq Podcast wants to be alone with technology.

    It’s a pretty fine week for the podcast- some might even call it double fine. Ludwig, Susan, Richard, and Anthony convene to talk about a couple of smaller games, and a couple of bigger ones. On deck: Don’t Starve, Risk of Rain, Super Mario 3D World, and Broken Age. The crew also discusses their all-time favorite platformers.

    And if that’s not enough, we have something very special this week: an interview with the adventure game legend, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer. Ludwig and Schafer sit down to talk Broken Age, modern game development, and the return to classic adventure games.

    Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast:

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    Show Breakdown

    Hosts: Ludwig (@LudwigK), Susan (@SusanArendt), Richard (@TheRichardM), Anthony (@ajohnagnello)

    00:00:00 // Intro

    00:03:25 // Don’t Starve

    00:17:02 // Risk of Rain

    00:33:01 // Super Mario 3D World

    00:44:34 // Best platformers

    01:05:48 // Tim Schafer interview

    01:44:02 // Broken Age

    01:52:17 // Close


    Theme Music: Satsuma Audio and Whitaker Blackall – "A Basstastic Undertaking"

    Interlude: Lee Maddeford - "Le petit jardin"

    Social Media

    Podcast Twitter: @JoystiqPodcast – Have a question? Use the hashtag #QJoystiq

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    Breaking News and Features

    Risk of Rain Review: Catch your death

    Podcast Production

    Jonathan Downin (@jonathandownin)


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  9. The Silent Age - Everything Sounds - Mule Radio Syndicate

    Everything Sounds

    Episode 30

    June 27, 2013


    The Silent Age

    with House on Fire

    18:35 Download MP3 (25.6 MB)

    Over the years, sound effects and music have been used to make video game experiences more memorable or immersive. Smartphones and mobile technologies have allowed developers to further explore the role of sound in their games. In a recent release from House on Fire titled The Silent Age, players lead their character on a time-traveling journey where sound creates an unusual and eerie atmosphere. Learn more about the game in this episode with creators Nevin Eronde and Thomas Ryder.

    Sponsored by

    Sound Studio for Mac: Pro audio recording without the price.

    Websites we mention:

    The Silent Age Episode 1 Trailer

    The Silent Age Blog

    House on Fire

    Nevin Eronde

    Thomas Ryder

    The Silent Age App Download


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  10. The Nerdist : Josh Homme

    Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age talks about knowing where all the best restaurants are, his numerous run-ins with Steve Perry, and his favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes!


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