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  1. World of Darkness: Candle Cove - Actual Play

    Candle Cove was a kid’s show in the early 70s that many remember seeing but no one has ever found proof it ever existed. Until now. Three friends find a tape that supposedly contains an episode of the show. Soon after they play the tape, a strange man appears at their doorstep and the three mortals find themselves in a desperate struggle between a dangerous cult and a being beyond comprehension, known only as the ‘Skin Taker’

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  2. Fear Itself: Slender Man

    The Slender Man is a terrifying entity associated with the mysterious disappearances of many individuals. In the gated community of Fiddler’s Green, four children have gone missing and the case has gone cold. A documentary film crew has just shown up to investigate. Will they find out what happened to the children or will they also disappear into the embrace of the Slender Man?

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  3. Cyberpunk Actual Play: Lady Gaga 2.0

    In the chromed future wireless Internet access does not exist but full conversion cyborgs are commonplace. Computers Cyberdecks have less memory and processing power than an iPhone but can be used to hack military data fortresses in ‘the grid’ and making a mistake can kill the unlucky netrunner. This is the past future of Cyberpunk, the classic R. Talsorian RPG and home to Lady Gaga 2.0 and her entourage of sociopathic cybered and coked up killers.

    There’s a mission to recover a suitcase from some dude in a hotel, but honestly it’s all about headshots, cybernetics and drugs. Oh and the nauesator.

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  4. Call of Cthulhu Actual Play: Bryson Springs

    he year is 1935 and horror lurks in the shadows of the Great Depression. In a Hooverille near a small town of California, Bryson Springs, a man has been murdered by means most foul. A FBI agent is ordered to investigate the death even though he is currently transporting a mafia hitman to prison. A reporter from L.A. and a professor of anthropology also converge on the area, drawn by fate or curiosity. The unlikely heroes find themselves surrounded by a horror they cannot imagine, let alone perceive.

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