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  1. Ab3 rant #18: The D&D Session That Mostly Wasn’t | Role Playing Public Radio

    Sometimes getting everyone in the same room at the same time to play D&D isn’t enough. Ab3 discovers that reality often eclipses the mightiest of in game dilemmas. Who would have imagined that a roomful of geeks crowded together wouldn’t all get along? Find out the secret of the nacho cheese in The D&D Session that Mostly Wasn’t. Written by AlBruno the 3rd

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  2. Ab3 Rant #17: The Bad Rifts Project | Role Playing Public Radio

    Ab3 tries playing Palladium’s darling rpg, Rifts, at a local Denny’s. Of course, between El Disgusto’s obsession with ninjas and Blobert’s Smith’s lurid descriptions of transexual singing post apocalyptic nurses, Ab3 is in more than he bargained for. Take a seat at the table for The Bad Rifts Project.The Bad Rifts Project was originally posted on RPG.net and used with permission of the author.

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  3. Death by Thumbs - Role Playing Public Radio

    Ab3 finds himself running a a two month Dungeons and Dragons campaign, as Deviant Boy, Aesnath, Weasly Crusher, Psycho Dave, El Disgusto and Ol’ Yellowbelly explore the Dungeon of Nasty Doom. Some quest for the Gemstone of MacGuffin while other players search for the Blade of Gory Cleaving. Of course, between the players’ volatile personalities and the many dangerous enemies of the dungeon, the odds are against Ab3 and his gaming buddies actually finishing the campaign. Fortunately, his pain is our comedy. Listen in to learn who suffers DEATH BY THUMBS!

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