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  1. Community Supported Appliculture with Henry Smith (Episode 72) — The New Disruptors

    Thanks to patrons Andy Baio, Jonathan Mann, and Abraham Finberg for supporting us directly through Patreon! You can back this podcast for as little as $1 per month. At higher levels, we’ll thank you on the air and send you mugs and T-shirts.Show notesWatch for an upcoming interview with Greg Wohlwend, the developer of the app Threes.Henry shares details openly about Spaceteam’s downloads and revenue. He wrote a post summing up all the money that’s come in, including commissions and prize winnings. Henry’s Spaceteam Manifesto is a more formal expression than this podcast of a lot of the principles driving him.Greg Knauss talked about exiting a long-time job, some of the paralysis that followed, the fear and reality of failure, and finding a path forward in "Falling Upward" (Episode 63).


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  2. 105 Using Membership Entity to Set Up a Drupal Based Membership Site with Caleb Thorne, Bryan Jones and David Csonka - Modules Unraveled Podcast | Modules Unraveled

    What is the Membership Entity module?

    Project background

    First membership site developed was Mercedes-Benz Club of America (http://www.mbca.org).

    Involved a bunch of custom code.


    Entity API

    Key features

    Multiple users per membership (primary and secondary)

    Join/Renew online

    Role management

    Membership terms and modifiers

    E-Commerce solutions (coming soon)

    Commerce integration (Caleb)

    Ubercart integration (Bryan)

    product class

    Using product attributes to store membership data.

    Investigating better ways to store data before official release.


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  3. Let’s Talk Jailbreak 54: Unflod invasion

    Episode 54: We talk about the recent Unflod jailbreak malware, and Auxo 2 for the iPad. Sebastien breaks down how he was able to get one of his jailbreak


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  4. Ep. 34: “A Shit Barge Full of Long Pigs” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann’s frank & candid weekly phone call with John Roderick of The Long Winters


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  5. Tomaž Šantl | Radio Študent

    S Tomažem Šantlom, ki ga večina pozna kot skejtersko zvezdo, sva se pogovarjala o njegovem delu, vse od začetkov s prvo ljubeznijo fotografijo, do snemanja skejterskih spotov, videospotov in krajših dokumentarcev. Na intervjuju je popil precej cedevite, tako da se je popolnoma sprostil in razgovoril. Tomaža bi glede na njegovo ustvarjanja lahko označili kar za skejterskega pesnika, saj tako kot po stopnicah, na »dili«, neverjetno prepleteno in brez strahu prehaja tudi med različnimi mediji, v katerih razbija tradicionalne vzorce in jih sestavlja v lastna umetniška dela.


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  6. Ownership: Chris Brogan on the owner’s mind, choices and goals - personal & professional productivity podcast

    Chris Brogan on what it takes to be an owner, the owner’s mind, choices and goals.


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  7. BBK (4/14): Draft Discussion

    Host John Schmeelk takes calls on Eli Manning’s recent ankle procedure and NFL Draft questions


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  8. Law Enforcement Takes Police Surveillance to New Heights

    The so-called Heartbleed security flaw has revealed every user’s worst nightmare about security on the Internet. Should somebody take charge?


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  9. Special Issue: Captain America Writer Steve Englehart  | Comic Book Podcast

    Interview with writer Steve Englehart. The man who brought back the Cap of the 50’s gives us an inside look at Marvel and his idea of who Captain America.


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  10. Virtual Memories | Reading Maketh a Full Man, or, “Where is the Lesbian on This List?”

    Interview with D.G. Myers, of "A Commonplace Blog."

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