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  1. scot mcknight leadership conference

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  2. Featured Audio | Stone-Campbell Journal

    Celebrating 200 Years:

    A Symposium on Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and AddressThis audio features panelists drawn from the publication of One Church:  A Bicentennial Celebration of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address (Leafwood: 2008) who discuss the original impact and continuing significance of this singular foundational document of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  It is moderated by Doug Foster (Director of the Center for Restoration Studies and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Abilene Christian University), and includes panelists Clint Holloway (Assistant Director, World Convention), Rick Grover (Journey Christian Church, Metairie, LA) and Daniel Rodriguez (Associate Professor of Religion and Hispanic Studies, Pepperdine University). Sponsored by ACU Press, Disciples Historical Society, and the Center for Restoration Studies, Abilene Christian University.

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  3. This Week in Tech 471 | TWiT.TV

    Apple’s style, podcast anniversary, Twitter elitism, burgerbot, and more.

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  4. This Week in Tech 471 | TWiT.TV

    Apple’s style, podcast anniversary, Twitter elitism, burgerbot, and more.

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  5. Ferguson Pastor: ‘This Is Not A Race Issue … This Is A Human Issue’ : NPR

    Rev. Willis Johnson’s church is just one mile from where Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. Johnson explains what he’s hearing from protesters.

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  6. New Covenant Church of God

    John 4

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  7. Free Sample Issue | Mars Hill Audio

    "I remember sitting next to a chemist at a meeting, when someone stood up and said ‘All the students at the university should know something called the scientific method,’ and the chemist turned to me and said ‘What is that?’ And the person making the statement was an economist."—Steven ShapinVolume 113 begins with a conversation with Steven Shapin, a historian of science at Harvard University. Shapin talks about the qualities modern people project onto science in order to enhance its stature and the ways cultural authorities burnish its image. He describes how science is today seen by many educated persons as monolithic, when there are in fact many sciences, each with their particular histories, methods, and modes of inquiry. At one point, even the academic field in which Shapin works was considered a science along the lines of the work of Max Weber. Nevertheless, as a matter of economic and political realities, institutional forces in society perpetuate this unhelpful simplification of the sciences. Shapin notes that it is counterintuitively in the departments of philosophy, economics, political science, psychology, etc. where "the scientific method" tends to be pushed most strongly. He goes on to describe the kind of ultimacy modern people seek from a mechanical method of gaining knowledge; the problem is that in the actual practice of the sciences, it is impossible for it to be mechanical. Credibility and rhetoric, for example, are non-scientific factors that are always present and always bear on the conclusions.

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  8. Pastor Greg Laurie on Using Technology: Episode 93 » Social Media Church podcast

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 26:57 — 24.7MB)

    Pastor Greg Laurie is a notable pastor (Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, California) and evangelist with Harvest Crusades that has held large-scale outreaches since 1990. He was interviewed by Brendan Stark (Web Director at Harvest) in a keynote address at the CITRT (Church IT Roundtable) Regional event back in March 2014. Pastor Greg Laurie shared his value as a pastor for using technology, the Internet, and social media, and how they must be used for the ministry of the Gospel. Special thanks to CITRT and Brendan Stark for permission to post the talk on this episode of the Social Media Church podcast.

    Show Notes

    Connect with Brendan Stark on Facebook   on Twitter @brendanstark

    video Watch “Pastor Greg Laurie on Technology and the Internet” on YouTube

    event 2014 National Roundtable & Refresh Cache (October 22-24, 2014 @ Peoria, IL) Call for 2014 Fall Event Ten-Talk Presenters – this is a great event for Church IT (information technology) staff and volunteers to talk shop and faith, topics include: web dev tools, help desk tools/tips/tricks, personal productivity, remote support, SQL best practices, social media analytics, training tools or methodologies, OSX on a windows network, and social media should show up somewhere in the mix too.

    raw #transcript (auto-generated by YouTube/Google)

    I’m Brendan Stark

    Web Director at Harvest Christian Fellowship in

    Riverside Calif I’m here with Pastor Greg Laurie

    thanks for being here

    good to be here I was like to hang out with the geeks

    alright I wish I was the key when I’m not I’m like

    a wannabe geek it’s like I like everything geeks do

    but I don’t know how to do it so the key is make friends with geeks

    better yet hire them he does a great job

    with our department all right thank you very much so

    you love dad yes so how have you always love

    computers and technology well my love gadgets goes back way before computers

    marijuana as a little kid I got a little reel to reel tape recorder

    and i was just didn’t he’s dead you know the you can actually record these little

    things and I remember my first

    record player and anything that Obama technology

    I locked in a criss-cross forward and then I was one of the first guys to go

    out and buy

    a digital watch i mean when I bought the technology when I bought back was at the

    probably the early seventies

    you get for free in a happy meal now I probably be the over a hundred dollars

    which was a lot back then

    but I had they have the digital watch them have course

    I had one of the first guy you know recorders a video

    are like a %uh the I was like a bead a max player than later on

    it became the VHS format in you know so

    any minute come along I had to have the first iPhone

    the proof iPod side always been a sucker for technology I just love it that’s


    so you gonna pastor for over forty years forty years yes so when you start there

    really wasn’t any church I T

    no not at all we just yelled loudly

    like a know there really wasn’t arm boy

    I mean that they’ll the technology we had that day on C was like

    cassette tapes I was it i

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  9. webster 2

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  10. webster 1

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