Skeptic Zone - Interview With Dr Richard Wiseman

Richard Saunders interviews Dr Richard Wiseman from

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  1. The Skeptic Zone #20 - 6.March.2009 : Special

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  2. The Skeptic Zone #14 - 23.Jan.2009

    Kylie Sturgess interviews Jon Ronson author of "The Men Who Stare at Goats" from Interviews from the Amazing Adventure 2 - James Randi, Susan Hurst, Dr Phil Plait, Rebecca Watson, Dr Harriet Hall.

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  3. Richard Wiseman Episode 4: Afternoon Tea With Sue Blackmore

    In this episode I chat with psychologist, skeptic and author Sue Blackmore, who was at the Edinbrugh Book Festival to talk about her new book Ten Zen Questions.

    The two of us chatted about parapsychology, her new theory about the evolution of technology and how to meditate in 20 seconds.

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