19 Nocturne Blvd: A Date with Dana by Julie Holverson

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  1. Radio Drama Revival: Halloween Horror - “The Cask of Amontillado”

    This week Radio Drama Revival starts our fourth annual audio horror extravaganza! Each week you’ll enjoy a new bone-chilling tale courtesy of some of audio’s most talented (and demented) minds…

    The sextet we plan to feature are all creators who will be featured on Halloween night, October 31st, from 5pm – 11pm EST for a horror special we’re calling Transcontinental Terror. This gore fest runs from GMT to PST in an expressly terrifying trip – all new horror audio from 3D Horror Fi, Electric Vicuna, FinalRune Productions, Chatterbox Audio Theater, Icebox Radio Theater, and the Willamette Radio Workshop.

    Today’s feature is a new effort by the folks behind the Wireless Theater Company – a troupe called 3d Horror Fi (horror-fi… get it?). They’re doing binaural recordings of horror originals and classics… this week it’s Poe’s ever delightful classic, The Cask of Amontillado.

    Wear headphones for this one, folks. Listen in, and be prepared to scream! (http://www.radiodramarevival.com/)

    Featured as a podcast highlight in Episode 127 of Forgotten Classics (http://hcforgottenclassics.blogspot.com)

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