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  1. Inside the Sandwich’s Studio - Let’s Make Mistakes - Mule Radio Syndicate

    The ever-delightful Adam Lisagor of Sandwich Video joins Mike and Jessie to talk about the joys and road bumps of client-based work.

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  2. Let’s Make Mistakes — The Ethics of Inspiration with Brad Ellis

    Now Mike is in the hot seat, with Brad Ellis interviewing him about using inspiration in artwork. Great artists steal, but do they sell? Disclaimer: None of us are lawyers!

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  3. Episode #107 – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance The Flop House

    Nicholas Cage in a superhero sequel, directed by the Crank guys? At the risk of being predictable, how could we not? Meanwhile, Elliott gives us his best Popeye, Stuart gives an ode to action hero sassiness, and Dan just needs to get his life together, guys.

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  4. Episode #109 – Journey 2: The Mysterious Island The Flop House

    Apologies for the lack of more detailed show notes for this Journey 2 episode. 2/3 of the Flop House are busy traveling for work.

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  5. Episode #110 – Battleship The Flop House

    Wait, we thought we were watching Battleship Potemkin. Which one is this? The based-on-a-board-game-plus-there’s-aliens-for-some-reason Battleship? Oh lord. Meanwhile, Elliott discusses the social significance of “The Real Ghostbusters;” Dan invents, plays, and loses Hasbro’s “Married With Children” trivia game; and Stuart gets his rabies shots.

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  6. Episode #113 – The Devil Inside The Flop House

    Mom has been acting weird lately, I wonder why that could be. Oh, I don’t know… could it be… SATAN? (We now owe Dana Carvey 1.5 million in intellectual property damages). We take on the infamously rage-inducing The Devil Inside. Meanwhile… oh who cares? FRANKENSTORM.

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  7. Episode #115 – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter The Flop House

    Sure, freeing the slaves is cool, but you know what’s REALLY cool? Killing vampires with an axe. We discuss this year’s other Lincoln movie. Meanwhile Elliott performs a reenactment of Abe Lincoln’s hyper-ironic final hours, Stuart’s second career as a golem land developer is revealed, and Dan takes an entirely un-funny detour into the things that make him cry.

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  8. Episode #117 – Seeking Justice The Flop House

    We close out 2012 in celebration with our very own Saint Nicholas, discussing his barely-released (opening at #27 at the U.S. box office!) thriller Seeking Justice. Meanwhile, Elliott takes us on a tour of evil bald people, Stuart admires Nic Cage’s peerless accent work, and Dan brings the room down Iagain) by telling a sad story about somebody’s grandmother.

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  9. Episode #118 – Total Recall The Flop House

    OH BOY! Colin Farrell remade the fondly-remembered Schwartzenegger/Verhoven joint Total Recall! We’re sure their “gritty” version will become the definitive one. Meanwhile, Stu imagines the majesty of a Sharon Stone-Michael Ironsides union, Dan confuses everyone with modern freezer mug technology, and Elliott tells us about his high-rolling Wallace Shawn lifestyle.

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  10. Jack Frost: LIVE!, episode #80 of How Did This Get Made? on Earwolf

    Dan Harmon joins Paul, June, and Jason to discuss the Michael Keaton classic Jack Frost in another LIVE episode recorded at Largo in Los Angeles!

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