Going to Bed with Edd Parody

Smoke’s Ultimate Bedtime Show on Helium

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  1. Episode 14: Meghan Lovell | Have A Nice Day! Podcast

    This week I’m joined by the artistic sensation that is Meghan Lovell, who you may know as sailorswayze. We talk about her recent and all-consuming love of pro-wrestling, the kid in her school who loved John Cena a bit too much and how she came to be tight with Big E.It’s also fun because you…


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  2. A celebration of David Foster Wallace


    "On the 15th April 2011, tax day in the United States, over 200 people gathered in the gallery at Foyle’s on Charing Cross road to celebrate the life and work of the late David Foster Wallace as well as to launch his posthumous novel, The Pale King."


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  3. Reith Lectures — Bernard Lovell: The Individual and the Universe, Part 1, 1958

    Astronomer, physicist and the first director of the Jodrell Bank Experimental Observatory Professor Bernard Lovell contemplates the implications of evolutionary theory in the fifth lecture in his Reith Lectures series ‘The Individual and the Universe’.


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