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  1. Roderick on the Line, Ep. 122: “Parliament of the Moment”

    The Problem: John’s gotten a lot of satisfaction out of not graduating from college.


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  2. Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: George Takei and Damian Abraham of ****ed Up | Maximum Fun


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  3. 99U Podcast: Jad Abumrad’s Talk on “Gut Churn” - 99U

    We dive into the archive to share this 99U talk about how crappy creativity feels sometimes.


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  4. Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner: Sal Khan, Khan Academy - Education Reimagined

    Sal Khan, founder and executive director of Khan Academy, discusses elements for a new vision for education. While offering examples of how his organization is bringing disruptive approaches to traditional learning experiences, Khan touches on the early days starting Khan Academy and the power of collaboration in creating change around the world.


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  5. Roderick on the Line - Ep. 121: “Homeland Freedom Station”

    The Problem: John could have been “Space Station Johnny”


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  6. Just The Tip - Episode #16: Just The Bottoms

    In this very special season two premier of Just The Tip, Amy and Paul discuss vacations.


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  7. Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 338: Nuns on the Run with Dan McCoy | Maximum Fun

    Writer and podcaster Dan McCoy joins Jordan and Jesse for discussion of the Creative Arts Emmys, Jesse’s tailor, and a story from Jesse in response to the recent violence in Ferguson, Missouri.


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  8. Analog(ue) #1: Putting It Into The Universe - Relay FM

    On the first episode of Analog(ue), Casey and Myke talk about what it’s like to release a new project in to the world. Conversation spans from the beginnings of Neutral, the launch of Relay.fm and Casey’s ongoing battle with the ATP Showbot.


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  9. Inquisitive #1: Having Principles, with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    This week Myke is joined by Marco Arment. They talk about the development and testing process of Overcast, Marco’s take on opinionated design, his changing place in the podcast industry and his feelings about releasing the app to the world.


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  10. Roderick on the Line, Ep. 120: “The Frog Leg King”

    The Problem: John got into a fisticuffs in front of the Toyota dealership.


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