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  1. Vernor Vinge Is Optimistic About the Collapse of Civilization | Underwire |

    Noted author and futurist Vernor Vinge is surprisingly optimistic when it comes to the prospect of civilization collapsing. "I think that coming b

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  2. Podcast: Neil Gaiman’s “The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains” - Boing Boing

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  3. The Digital Future

    On Start the Week Andrew Marr looks into the digital future. Nick Harkaway dismisses fears of a digital dystopia in which distracted people, caught between the real world and the screen world, are under constant surveillance. He believes we need to engage with the computers we have created, and shape our own destiny. Simon Ings is the editor of a new digital magazine, Arc, which uses science fiction to explore and explain what the future might hold for society. While Anab Jain’s design company uses scenarios and prototypes to probe emerging technologies and ideas, from headsets to help the blind to see, to everyday objects with their very own internet connection. And Charles Arthur investigates the battle for dominance of the internet with Apple, Google and Microsoft struggling to stay on top, and asks what that means for the rest of us.

    Start The Week sets the cultural agenda for the week ahead, with high-profile guests discussing the ideas behind their work in the fields of art, literature, film, science, history, society and politics.

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  4. Warren Ellis on The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs

    Posted by Matt Staggs on May 15, 2012

    Legendary comics author and novelist Warren Ellis joins me on The DisinfoCast for a conversation about the future that was, artificial intelligence, the Singularity, aliens (ancient and otherwise), the legacy of Hunter S. Thompson, porn and even a little bit about comic books. Tune in.

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  5. How Wes Anderson Soundtracks His Movies : NPR

    You might not recognize the name Randall Poster, but you’re likely familiar with his work. Poster picks out and licenses music used in commercials, TV and film. He’s worked closely with director Wes Anderson on films like Rushmore and Moonrise Kingdom.

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  6. The diary of Samuel Pepys: Telling a complex story online

    Exploring the ten year project to publish, collaboratively annotate and explain the 17th century diary on the web, and bring a historical character to life on Twitter.

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  7. Relly Annett-​​Baker — Content Strategy for Apps

    In one sentence: it’s about creating a fulfilling experience, one that puts you ahead of your competition, simply through the power of the written word.

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  8. Hannah Donovan — Designing without the browser

    Donovan argues the processes for the future lie in our more material-​​based graphic designer pasts, and our cousin disciplines of industrial design and architecture. After a decade of honing our newfangled browser-​​based skills, learn how to dust off and sharpen the tools of our roots.

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  9. A New Network - Tom Coates

    It’€™s time to recognise the scale of the project we have in front of us, the breadth of the material we have to work with, and the possibilities of design within it. All of human knowledge, creativity—even the planet itself—is our canvas.

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  10. Audio (21.6 Mb)

    Outing the Mind: Designing for the Chaos Laying out content has changed little over the centuries. It’s improved through the application of technology, but the design decisions and motivations remain the same. Until now. Designing with type for the web is changing, and it’s happening right now. Hundreds of years of design practice is being increasingly challenged, and for those of us working in this medium, it’s hurting. Mark will look at the scale of this problem and how we can change the way we work to embrace it.

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