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  1. The Matzo Economy : Planet Money : NPR

    How do you make money manufacturing a dry, bland cracker that a tiny percentage of the population eats just one week a year?


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  2. A Love Letter To Matzo: Why The Holey Cracker Is A Crunch Above

    Plain, dry matzo tends to have a reputation for tastelessness. But Dan Pashman, host of the food podcast and blog The Sporkful, argues that the crunchy cracker is a culinary marvel.

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  3. Arranged Marriage and Micropolis

    Arun Venugopal, reporter and the creator of Micropolis—WNYC’s multi-platform series examining race, sexuality, religion, street life and other issues that …


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  4. Arab Israeli Celebrity Chef Aims To Foster Peace Through Cooking : The Salt : NPR

    Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, an Arab Israeli, is the latest winner of the Israeli reality cooking show Master Chef. She plans to open a cooking school to bring Arabs and Israelis together at the table.


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  5. Hip Pop and EDM

    From boom bap to EDM, we look at the line between hip-hop and not, and meet a defender of the …


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  6. So You Think You’re Smarter Than A CIA Agent : Parallels : NPR

    When 3,000 average citizens were asked to forecast global events, some consistently made predictions that turned out to be more accurate than those made with classified intelligence.


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  7. Preserving Audio For The Future Is A Race Against Time : NPR

    Old records are breaking, cassette tapes are warping, even digital recordings can become obsolete. The Library of Congress is working to save millions of the nation’s recordings before they’re lost.


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  8. Radiolab: Pop Music

    Nightmarish stories of musical hallucinations, songs with the power to transcend language, & the triumphant return of the Elvis of …


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  9. Old London Air Raid Shelter Becomes Vegetable Farm : The Salt : NPR

    In a former bomb shelter beneath London, Zero Carbon Food grows leafy greens and microgreens. Believe it or not, this dark, dank underground farm is an energy-efficient way to grow fresh produce.


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  10. How Do You Construct A Voice?

    Speech scientist Rupal Patel creates customized synthetic voices that enable people who can’t speak to communicate in a unique voice that embodies their personality.

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