Podcast Ramos da Informática - O podcast para quem entende sobre Delphi.

Primeiro podcast Ramos da Informática sobre programação Delphi.


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  1. On The Road To The Self-Driving Car


    No more dumb cars, the Federal government decreed this week. Or at least, no mute cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Monday it will soon require all new cars to talk to one another. Share location, speed, direction and more, electronically. Vehicle-to-vehicle – “V2V” – communication. Right behind that comes the next frontier: self-driving cars. First they talk to one another, next they drive themselves. The auto industry, Google, and the law are all gearing up.


    Tom Costello, correspondent for NBC News. (@tomcostellonbc)

    Burkhard Bilger, science, nature and technology staff writer at The New Yorker.

    Bryant Walker Smith, fellow at the Center for Internet and Society and the Center for Automatice Research at Stanford Law School and Stanford University. Lecturer in law. (@bwalkersmith)

    John Absmeier, director of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center for Delphi Automotive. (@johnabsmeier)

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  2. Greek Pilgrimage: In Search of the Foundations of the West - Big Idea - 5 May 2011

    According to John Carroll the ancient Greeks invite us to think about who we are, and the best ways to organise ourselves, to build institutions, and to make our cities beautiful. They lead us into a sceptical orientation to ourselves and the world we inhabit, questioning the meaning of it all. They have bequeathed to us science and philosophy, drama and sport, our engagement with nature, and much else that graces our modern world.

    In Greece, our metaphysical perspective was set. We were introduced to the mystery - an abiding sense that there is a deep secret, one which somehow holds the key to the big questions about life.

    Here he is in conversation with former NSW Premier Bob Carr.


    Guests: John Carroll:Professor of Sociology at La Trobe University Bob Carr: Former NSW Premier

    Publications: Title: Greek Pilgrimage: In Search of the Foundations of the West Author: John Carroll Publisher: Scribe ISBN 978 1 921 640 742

    Title: The Existential Jesus Author: John Carroll Publisher: Scribe ISBN 978 1 921 215 179

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