Adopting My Daughter Steven Levy

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  1. Adopting My Daughter Steven Levy

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  1. Martin Narey on Adoption

    Lauren Higgs, News Editor from Children & Young People Now interviews Martin Narey, the Government Advisor on Adoption about his views on why these reforms are needed.


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  2. Episode 473: Top Of The Charts (Econ Remix) : Planet Money : NPR

    How the top three songs in America explain the crazy transformation in the music business.

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  3. Robin Hanson: Em Econ 101 Talk

    "Em Econ 101 – My best guess for the next revolution on the scale of the industrial, or farming, or human revolutions, is artificial intelligence in the form of whole brain emulations, or “ems.” Many have considered ems from technical and philosophical viewpoints, but I consider em economics. That is, I try to work out in as much social detail as possible a relatively-likely reference scenario set modestly far into a post-em world."

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