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  1. Triangulation 140: Daniel Suarez and Jeff Gurner

    Daniel Suarez is the author of the New York Times bestseller Daemon, Freedom (TM), Kill Decision, and Influx. He is joined by Jeff Gurner, who is an actor and narrator of Influx.


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  2. Triangulation 131: Alexis Ohanian

    Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit, started Breadpig and Hipmunk, host of Small Empires, Y Combinator ambassador, and author of the book "Without Their Permission."


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  3. Unfinished Business 042: My favourite Belgians

    This week, Andrew Clarke is joined by fabulous designer Veerle Pieters to talk about whether cycling or eating toasties is the best exercise, when working on retainer for long-term projects makes sense and the right questions to ask in our customer enquiry questionnaires.


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  4. The Gently Mad Podcast 033: Jeffrey Zeldman

    Jeffrey Zeldman is an author, designer and founder of Happy Cog. He talked with Adam about the state of the web industry, how it has changed over the years and how raising a daughter has impacted his outlook on who he is and what he does.


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  5. The East Wing Episode #69: Anna Debenham

    Tim talks with Anna Debenham about how she got started and some real talk about freelancing.


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  6. The Web Ahead #56: The Nature of the Web with Jeremy Keith

    Wonder-developer Jeremy Keith joins Jen Simmons to talk about comments on websites, the birth of the web, progressive enhancement, control and much more.


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  7. The Gently Mad Podcast 032: Paul Boag

    Paul Boag has been building website since 1994. He’s a prolific writer, speaker and podcaster. He talked with Adam about how he got his start, impostor syndrome and how the industry (and the job) has changed over 20 years.


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  8. MacBreak Weekly 367: The ‘C’ is for Kids

    The new iPhones are here!


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  9. TWiT Live Specials 170: The new iPhones

    Apple announces the new iPhone 5c and 5s Guests: Scott Bourne and Chris Breen


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  10. The Breaking Development Podcast #36: The Web Holds Itself To Higher Standards With Jeremy Keith

    In todays podcast, Jim talks to Jeremy Keith about the Open Web, IndieWebCamp, and attempts to get to the bottom of what exactly is a "web app."


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