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  1. Meet Skynet, an open source IM platform for the internet of things

    For anyone interested in the internet of things, Skynet, an open source instant messaging service for connected devices (and services) is a powerful tool worth understanding. Check it out.


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  2. John Hodgman reads from “More Information Than You Require” and Jonathan Coulton performs live at Coolidge


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  3. Ryan Singer: 37signals Interview – The Art of Designing for People

    In this interview, Ryan Singer, Product Manager at 37signals, explains how to tackle design problems and how to design for your users.


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  4. Erik Spiekermann Interview – Exploring Type in a Business Context

    In this interview Erik Spiekermann a well know type designer, author of Stop Stealing Sheep and founder of FontShop shares his thoughts on type.


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  5. Storyboard Podcast: The Curse of Cow Clicker

    Game developer and academic Ian Bogost sees infinite potential in games. To him, they hold the ability to convey artistry or experiential learning beyond base-level enjoyment. His titles like Jetset (you’re a swamped TSA security worker!) or Disaffected! (a Kinko’s employee battling customers you can’t satisfy!) definitely fit the vision.

    Cow Clicker was no different.

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  6. David Allen: Getting Things Done Interview – Getting your Startup Under Control: Business

    In this interview, David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, explains how entrepreneurs can be in control, why planning and having an overall purpose is key.


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  7. The Art & Science of Branding — Wally Olins: Saffron Consultants Interview

    In this interview Wally Olins author of Brand Handbook explains why service based brands need special attention. He is also outlines the importance of branding.


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  8. Jason Fried: 37signals Interview – Why Copy Is More Important Than Design | Design Interview

    In this interview Jason Fried co-founder of 37signals explains why copywriting is more important than design and how to go about a/b testing your designs.


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  9. Transmedia storytelling

    This week’s episode of the CoP Show explains what transmedia storytelling is and why producers might want to use it.

    The simplest definition of transmedia storytelling is that it is a technique used to tell stories across multiple platforms: TV, radio, games, novels, social media, online or anywhere a story can unfold.

    A transmedia storyteller may create many "entrypoints" across different platforms, so that, for example, a fan of a drama can read the online diaries of their favourite characters or follow their comments on Twitter.

    The theory goes that by doing this not only can you give your audience more of what they want and love but you can also bring in a whole new audience that otherwise would not find your content.

    Joining presenter Simon Smith are Chris Sizemore, Executive Editor of BBC’s Learning & Knowledge Online, Adrian Hon the Chief Creative at transmedia specialist Six to Start and Meg Jayanth, a BBC multi-platform producer.


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  10. Michio Kaku (BSS #197) : The Bat Segundo Show

    Subjects Discussed: Maximum caps on bandying about theory in physics, relativity and string theory, the Theory of Everything, decoherence and the wave function of the universe, the Large Hadron Collider, detecting sparticles, how journalists are duped by perpetual motion machines, the Alcubierre warp drive, Edward Teller, the hydrogen bomb, military funding for research, invisibility, being asked to prognosticate on when new technologies are available, the slingshot effect, ray guns, phasers, WR104 and the Death Star, neural networks, the Blue Brain Project, Moore’s Law, the deficiencies of quantum computing, functional MRIs, telepathy, and lie detectors.


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