SWR2 Forum: Kommt alles ans Licht? - Die Geheimnisse von Wikileaks

Es diskutieren: Dorothee Bär, stv. CSU-Generalsekretärin und -Internetbeauftragte Dr. Thomas Leif, SWR-Chefreporter und Vorsitzender "Netzwerk Recherche" Daniel Schmitt, Wikileaks Deutschland Moderation: Gábor Paál


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  1. Journalismus - wie sieht die Zukunft aus? | Heike’s StadtgeflüsterHeike’s Stadtgeflüster

    Die Zukunft des Journalismus liegt in der Qualität - Qualitäts-Journalismus wird sich durchsetzen - sagt Birte Frey von der Agentur "Quäntchen und Glück".


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  2. Rebooting the News 75

    As Dave said Dec. 3rd, “We’re having a Rebooting The News moment here with WikiLeaks.” Indeed. Now we now how the open Net comes crashing down.

    • First came the denial of service attacks. (Dave: “How do we know that?”)
    • Next, Amazon Web Services kicked Wikileaks off its cloud servers.
    • Then it was EveryDNS.net., which stopped serving the domain wikileaks.org
    • Then Tableau Software removed data visualizations Wikileaks had running there.
    • Then PayPal started choking off the air supply: donations.
    • The U.S. Library of Congress even got into the act, shutting down access to Wikileaks at its terminals.

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  3. Echoes of Ellsberg in WikiLeaks Controversy

    "Daniel Ellsberg discusses the Wikileaks case, which he sees as analogous to his 1971 leak of the Pentagon Papers."


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