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  1. Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe - Podcast - #282 “Hit Me in the Face With a Pillow”

    Clayton and Mike discuss Guardians of the Galaxy and the top films of 2014, minor league baseball and the related rituals, Pierce Brosnan, inevitable Batman talk, Black Adam and other crap to boot.


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  2. Bayerisches Feuilleton: “Ois Chicago!” - Die Münchner Filmerzählungen des Helmut Dietl

    Am 22. Juni feiert Helmut Dietl seinen 70. Geburtstag. Moritz Holfelder hat sich auf die Spuren des Kult-Filmemachers begeben. Er erkundet die realen Drehorte der Fernsehserien "Münchner Geschichten", "Monaco Franze" und "Kir Royal" und dokumentiert die Zeit, die stadtgeschichtlich seither vergangen ist.

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  3. Triangulation 163: Andy Weir

    Andy Weir is the author of "The Martian," a science fiction novel that follows astronaut Mark Watney as he becomes stranded alone on Mars.


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  4. Debug 43: Marco Arment on Overcast | iMore

    Debug is a casual, conversational interview show featuring the best developers in the business about the amazing apps they make and why and how they make them. On this episode Marco Arment joins Guy and Rene to talk about his new podcast client, Overcast, getting low level with Core Audio, writing downloaders, and many, many other things.

    Support Debug: Go to lynda.com/debug to start your 7-day free trial. Go to igloosoftware.com/debug to try Igloo for free.


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  5. Triangulation 162: Kevin Rose

    Kevin Rose is a Partner at Google Ventures and founded Digg, Revision3, and Milk. He also was a co-host on TechTV’s "The Screen Savers."


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  6. Security Now 465: iOS Surveillance?

    Level3 responds to Verizon’s network congestion chart, Canvas Fingerprinting, Microsoft Research says not to use strong passwords? And more!


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  7. Cory Doctorow on intellectual property in a digital age

    In a keynote speech for The Literary Conference 2014, author and renowned digital publishing pioneer Cory Doctorow talks about his creative experiments on and offline, and addresses head-on the thorny question of ‘Intellectual Property in a Digital Age’.


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  8. Hack Circus : Warren Ellis

    Leila meets the writer Warren Ellis, whose prolific output includes Transmetropolitan and Gun Machine. They talk comics, sleep patterns, scepticism, "wearable shirts", whisky, and this great age of technological boredom.


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  9. 5by5 | The Web Ahead #73: DRM with Jeremy Keith and Doug Schepers

    DRM has been long touted as the solution to piracy. Recently, a few browser makers and big media companies have pushed DRM technology into the web browser — while open web advocates have fought to prevent DRM on the web.


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  10. In Beta #99: The Problem with Prioritized Podcast Playlists

    Shifty Jelly (PocketCasts) co-founder Russell Ivanovic talks about designing, powering, and improving his popular podcast client.


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