August 26th, 2014 – September 2nd, 2014

  1. 5by5 | 5by5 Specials #29: Four Places at Once

    Dan and his 6 year old son Cash discuss antenna breaks in the upcoming iPhone 6 housing, iPad as a gaming platform, the technology of podcasting and live streaming, Magneto’s powers, Adventure Time, deadly amoebas, visiting Four Corners, and more.


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  2. Ep. 11: “I Do This For A Living” with Casey Liss - Defocused - Defocused Podcast

    This week we’re joined by special guest, Casey Liss, to discuss 90s music (bad), and Michael Mann’s Collateral (good).

    Links for this episode:

    Joe’s Defocused Collateral Fan Art

    Analog(ue) - Relay FM

    Accidental Tech Podcast

    @caseyliss on Twitter

    Tangential Episode #3: ‘It’s the Shafting Phase’

    Liss is More: Party Like it’s 1999

    Pop-Up Video - Wikipedia

    Total Request Live - Wikipedia

    Collateral (2004) - IMDb

    American Cinematographer: Collateral

    LA Metro Rail Map (PDF)

    The Hunt for Red October (1990) - IMDb

    [MP3]: Ep. 11: "I Do This For A Living" with Casey Liss


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  3. 210: Task Management | Mac Power Users

    David and Katie run down task management systems and discuss their tips and tricks for staying on top of their tasks.

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    Hay Oborn for assistance with the shownotes this week!

    Links for this episode:

    MPU 013: Task Management Smackdown | Mac Power Users

    We’ve gotten a lot of requests for this episode, so here it is, our Task Management Smackdown. In one corner, David and The Omni Group’s Omni Focus. In another, Katie and Cultured Code’s Things. The duo discuss their system for managing tasks and how their preferred application helps to get things done. The verdict: the Mac has two excellent programs.

    Hipster PDA – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    paper-based personal organizer, popularized by Merlin Mann.

    Franklin Planner | Day Planners

    PalmPilot – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Things – task management for Mac & iOS | Cultured Code

    Things is a delightful and easy to use task manager.

    The Workologist

    Simplify your life with Clear — the revolutionary to-do app for Mac, iPad & iPhone

    Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, Errands – App of the Year!

    Snowman – Checkmark 2 – To-do App for iPhone

    Basecamp is everyone’s favorite project management app.

    Asana · Teamwork without email

    Integrations | Slack

    OmniFocus – The Omni Group

    Drafts – Agile Tortoise

    nvALT – BrettTerpstra.com

    MacSparky: Do Stuff

    A short video where David talks about OmniFocus and doing stuff.

    MacSparky: Task Planning (In)sanity

    Not a week goes by that I don’t receive an email from some reader or listener asking about the problem of overwhelming task lists. Specifically, they explain that every day they spend far too much time dealing with an obese task list, for which they complete two or three items and fret over the rest.

    MacSparky: OmniFocus Tag

    All of David’s OmniFocus posts.

    MacSparky’s OmniFocus Perspectives

    Ice Bucket Challenge – The ALS Association

    My Ice Bucket Challenge – I Challenge You! — KatieFloyd.me

    MacSparky’s ALS Challenge Video on Vimeo

    Mac Power Users – Community – Google+

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  4. Matt Neuburg Updates Us On Swift and iOS 8 Evolution

    MacVoices #14190: Matt Neuburg Updates Us On Swift and iOS 8 Evolution


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  5. Vector 55: Turtles all the way down, with Ben Thompson | iMore

    Vector is a news and analysis show focusing on the biggest stories, hottest trends, and most important issues in technology and popular culture. On this week’s show, Apple university and the state of management training, Microsoft’s stack ranking and how it affected the company, Samsung and Xiaomi and the idea of legal vs. ethical vs. smart copying, the success and failures of innovation vs. imitation for companies and the economy, app design copying and what it means for designers, John Gruber’s iPhone 6 math and the importance of touch target size, and native advertising in the context of podcast and RSS sponsorships. With Georgia Dow, Guy English, Dave Wiskus, Rene Ritchie, and special guest Ben Thompson. Subscribe and listen along!

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  6. Inquisitive #2: Artisinal Podcast, with Jason Snell - Relay FM

    This week Myke is joined by Jason Snell. They talk about the behind the scenes magic of podcast production, where the medium is moving to and how it compares to the rise of blogging.


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  7. Inquisitive #1: Having Principles, with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    This week Myke is joined by Marco Arment. They talk about the development and testing process of Overcast, Marco’s take on opinionated design, his changing place in the podcast industry and his feelings about releasing the app to the world.


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  8. 5by5 | Systematic #110: Roderick Part II: Breaking Up

    John Roderick makes a return appearance to continue the tale of his music career.


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  9. How GitHub Scaled Past Dunbar’s Number without Losing their Culture

    Zach Holman, one of the first engineers at GitHub talks about how their culture and process have changed as they’ve grown from about 10 employees to over 250, (about 2/3 or which are remote). He details which bits of process were necessary and helped them scale as well as which aspects of their culture they’ve fought successfully to defend over the years.

    Huffduffed from http://rocketship.fm/podcast/ep-57-zach-holman/

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  10. Matt Neuburg Updates Us On Swift and iOS 8 Evolution

    MacVoices #14190: Matt Neuburg Updates Us On Swift and iOS 8 Evolution


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