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  1. 035: With Brad Frost - ShopTalk

    Matthew Smith interviews Brad Frost about Responsive Web Design and lots of UX and design principles on Shop Talk Show

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  2. The Non-Breaking Space Show | Interviews with the Brad Frost

    Brad is a mobile web strategist and front-end designer at the digital advertising agency R/GA in New York. He’s also the creator of a Mobile Web Best Practices site, and one of the creative minds behind WTFMobileweb.com and wtfqrcodes.com http://nonbreakingspace.tv/brad-frost/

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  3. Excessive Enhancement: JavaScript’s Dark Side

    Are we being seduced by the animation and rich UI capabilities of modern browsers at the expense of the underlying platform of the Web?

    The Web has entered a new phase in its evolution: The proliferation of a JavaScript enabled audience with increased processing grunt in their devices, better and more ambitious JavaScript developers, and users with an appetite for sophisticated experiences, all seem to be helping to move the web in a rich and exciting direction.

    Good developers understand about graceful degradation, progressive enhancement, unobtrusive JavaScript and the like, so why are we seeing big companies building web offerings with little apparent thought for their impact on the Web?

    We’ll explore this by looking at what the Web was, is now, and might become. We’ll look at examples of exciting user interfaces and sophisticated interactions. We’ll also examine some emerging techniques for providing rich user interactions without hurting the web or killing kittens.

    Phil Hawksworth, Technical Director, R/GA

    Phil began his career building web applications for financial institutions such as Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, and the London Stock Exchange in the late nineties. A focus on web architectures and real-time data delivery lead Phil to a variety of web development roles with particular attention to emerging front-end development techniques and JavaScript application development.

    After several years working on web applications and consulting on web best practices at technology companies such as Verisign, VMware and BT, Phil made the move into the agency world where he managed development teams and architected solutions on projects for clients including of eBay, Sony and BP.

    Phil Hawksworth is a Technical Director at R/GA and enjoys talking about himself in the third person.

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  4. The Changelog

    Micheil and Wynn caught up with Gerad and Visnu from the Node Knockout to talk about the 48 hour Node.js development competition and its entries.

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  5. Jeremy Keith talks about Huffduffer at Refresh Belfast

    Refresh Belfast’s first Festive Extravaganza was held in the Black Box Theatre in Belfast. Jeremy Keith was invited to speak about Huffduffer and this is the audio.

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  6. The Progressive Enhancement podcast - Episode 1

    A podcast about The Web by Paul Downey and Phil Hawksworth

    The difficult second album, where we rediscover image maps, lost DNA of The Web.

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