Kevin Mitnick on ‘Ghost in the Wires’ - Off the Hook

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  1. Kevin Mitnick on ‘Ghost in the Wires’ - Off the Hook

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  1. Kevin Mitnick on Triangulation 21

    Hosts: Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt

    Most known for his computer hacking, spending 5 years in prison for hacking, and his new book Ghost in the Wires, Kevin Mitnick, is this week’s guest.

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  2. Master Hacker Kevin Mitnick Shares His ‘Addiction’ : NPR

    The "World’s Most Wanted Hacker" broke into scores of big phone and tech companies and evaded the FBI for several years until his arrest. Now Mitnick is out of prison and hacking again, but this time, it’s different.

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  3. TNW Sessions ft. Kevin Mitnick

    We’ll talk about what happens when HP gets out of the hardare business right as Google steps its foot into it. Then it’s an interview with Kevin Mitnick. We’ll talk about his book Ghost in the Wires, as well as get some great insight into his life.

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