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  1. The Immortals: Overture / Prologue: Fox and Geese / Chapter 1: Freedom

    Wherein miracles are implied — a man can run no further — and the condemned find freedom at the end of the line.

    From http://www.podiobooks.com/title/the-immortals

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  2. Communications Forum: “The Craft of Science Fiction” | MIT Comparative Media Studies

    The Craft of Science Fiction, featured Joe Haldeman, four-time Nebula Award winner and author of The Forever War, his forthcoming novel The Accidental Time Machine and many other books.

    This forum was moderated by CMS Director Henry Jenkins.


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  3. 891 Book Club - Speculative Fiction with Sean Williams - ABC Adelaide - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Sci-Fi/Speculative Fiction seems to engender extreme reactions in people of either love or hate.


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