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I’m a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. .guru, .tips, .sexy: The Wild West Of Internet Domains : Planet Money : NPR

    Nearly 2,000 new top-level Internet domains are becoming available. Which are the most popular so far? And what will become of .com?

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  2. EPISODE 71 - 910CMX Webcomic Talk Group with CD Rudd - TalkShoe

    Talk live with the creator of and creators, authors, and staff of other Webcomics.

    Potentially: Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive is on this episode (and the two after it)


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  3. Podcast #48- Goal setting and processes, Claff ain’t got the answers - WP Curve

    In episode 48 we discuss our 2014 goals and how we plan on making them happen with processes.

    Types of goals

    Fixed goals, make them achievable

    Shifting goals can help with ongoing day to day motivation

    Themes can sit behind big decisions

    Processes that bring goals into reality

    2014 WP Curve goals


    More content

    More recurring revenue

    Take ourselves more seriously (more professional)

    Consolidation – get our branding right and consolidate our offerings a bit


    $250,000 annual recurring revenue run rate by the end of the year

    365 pieces of content published

    Dan to meet Alex in the US


    More automation inside Trello

    Getting staff to do some of the content promotion and pulling posts together

    Weekly reminders for podcasts and other content (Zapier and Trello)

    Daily time blocked out for content (Google Calendar)

    Increased idea funnel into Trello

    Processes for engaging guest authors

    Mentions in the show

    This is what happens when you Google ‘Dan Norris’

    James Schramko on ideas

    John Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire

    Nathan Barry Authority

    Chris Lema

    Content Club

    The Dan Norris



    Seth Godin

    Laura Roeder guest authors

    Scott Adams

    Joe Rogan and Steve Pressfield

    Our monthly income reports

    Tell us your goals and your approach to goal setting

    We’d love to know what you are planning on doing in 2014. Please let us know in the comments below and how you go about setting goals and making them happen.

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    goal setting



    web domination

    you ain’t got the answers

    About Dan Norris

    Dan is the co-founder of WP Curve and is passionate about helping people succeed online. Join him on Facebook, Twitter or Google .

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  4. Ser MJS - Adventures in SciFi Publishing, ep 250

    How serendipitous to have big news for our 250th episode? In an effort to keep the lid on the news, I’ll leave the show notes at this. I’ll come back in a day or so and put in some links to stuff we talk about. For now, have a listen, and thanks so much to our audience for keeping us around this long.

    We chatted about an indie gogo campaign coming up for Brent’s friend, Eric Reynolds of Hadley Rille Books, who suffered a stroke recently.

    Moses chats about nearing the finish line with THE NINTH WIND, the first book in his new trilogy. His previous novel, THE BLACK GOD’S WAR is described as a stand alone, similar to how THE HOBBIT is to LORD OF THE RINGS. Yeah, he says he’s that good.

    Just kidding, but it is a good analogy because as we talk about POV shifting, he says that TNW may be a better starting point for people to read his series, or TBGW could be a better start based on preferences for shifting between POVs.

    We chatted about getting good feedback and readers for your fiction. We talked about finding good fiction as readers, including how we read now that we are critical editors for our own writing.

    Duration: 1:10:00

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  5. Joe Rogan interviews Louis Theroux

    Really long but an interesting guest :)

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  6. Jon Ronson On Amateur Sleuths

    "Jon Ronson On…Each week in a series of interviews, short location reports, scripted monologues, phone calls etc, Jon Ronson delves into a world of personal stories surrounding the central theme which all shed light on the human condition.

    Sometimes Jon goes in search of answers and stories himself, sometimes his team of contributors do it for him. The end result is an original, fascinating, funny, poignant and often philosophical journey through the human experience.

    The programme also sounds like nothing else before.

    It is populated by an eclectic mix of music tracks used creatively to enhance the speech and give a particularly late night feel to it - a kind of living nightmare in the chill out room feel."

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  7. Ep 4: Microconf 2013 - Bootstrapped with Kids Podcast

    After a 6 week hiatus, we’re back and talking about Brecht’s experience at Microconf 2013: tons of good info, good ideas, and most importantly, really great people.

    Duration: 1:04:33 — 88.6MB

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  8. John Lloyd on Little Atoms

    John Lloyd has had one of those careers that’s difficult to summarize. As a radio producer he devised The News Quiz, Quote… Unquote and To the Manor Born before moving to television to start Not the Nine O’Clock News, Spitting Image, and Blackadder. He was the original choice to host Have I got News For You. After a long break from television working mainly in advertising he returned in 2003 to create QI, now in its 11 th series. More recently he can be heard as the host of Radio 4’s Museum of Curiosity, and could be seen doing his first ever stand-up show at this year’s Edinburgh Festival. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2011 New Year Honours for services to broadcasting. Also in this week’s show, in the first of a new regular slot, comedy writer Helen Zaltzman tell us about something, or in this case someone close to her heart. This was the 300th episode of Little Atoms.

    First broadcast on 9th November 2013.

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  9. Mark Thomas - RHLSTP #23

    Mark Thomas - The Disillusioning Illusionist - It’s time for a bit of politics, but that’s no reason not to discuss huge, ageing wrinkly ballbags, because tonight’s guest is that rarest of things (if you’re a journalist or a TV commissioner) a political comedian. It’s the delightfully subversive Mark Thomas. There are tales of working for the legendary Dave Allen, getting in the Guinness Book of Records, being spied on, heckling anti-abortionists, the funny side of funerals, opera-loving builders, gigging in a cattle market, trying to get trolls for all London bridges, how the police force deal with the spirit of Winston Churchill and bringing Ireland to the Apple store. You’ll also find out what prompted Mark to stop working for Channel 4 and how he lost his religion. And more proof that bronze is better than silver and gold.


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  10. Dara O Briain - RHLSTP #30

    Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, episode 30

    Richard is stuffed to the gills with giant chocolate buttons and recounts the time he got lost in Buckingham Palace, and still is on the prowl for flies to murder. There is a beef with his guest, Dara O Briain, who still remembers the scathing review that Herring gave him in an online diary back in 1998. And there’s more online comment as the pair discuss the sexual fantasies that comedy fans harbour on Dirty Britcom Confessions. There’s also chat about how to cope with fatalities on aeroplanes, whether it was worth almost dying on the Zambezi to stop African children being able to play, the paradoxes of digit-based time travel and the truth about goose rescuing myths. And Dara has definitely seen a Bigfoot. If you take nothing else away from this podcast then let it be that.

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