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I’m a freelance webbie based near Brighton, England. I tend to listen to science fiction, business news, tech & programming stuffs.

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  1. Episode # 60 - Enjoying your Book Marketing | Rocking Self Publishing

    For this week’s podcast I talk to author, blogger, and fellow podcaster, Robert Chazz Chute. Robert is someone who does a lot to put his name out in the world, including being a prolific blogger on As this interview unfolds it becomes clear that Robert has made book marketing effective by only doing the marketing that he enjoys. Through his podcast, blogs, and websites, he’s built up a presence that has connected him with the indie community and helped to make his books thrive. Show notes today at

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  2. Interview: Three Panel Soul - 20 Sides of Nerd S03E17

    20 Sides of Nerd. Emdee talks to the team behind the comic Three Panel Soul, including some of their popular themes, flexibility and the transition from

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  3. Bootstrapped, Episode 45, “Adventures in Hacker News” at Bootstrapped

    Ian and Andrey discuss taking a vacation while bootstrapping, the craziness of Hacker News, LaraJobs, Scribbleton, installing desktop software, mods, git, pity purchases, Linux desktop apps, Walmart, the new square BlackBerry, Commodore 64, consulting work, how much it costs to build an app, shutting down a SaaS that isn’t performing, who handles support, bad web hosting, Martha’s Vineyard, American Presidents, Ian posting Scribbleton on Hacker News and causing trouble.

    River Raid on the Commodore 64
    Ionic framework

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  4. Bootstrapped, Episode 44, “I’m Recording Now” at Bootstrapped

    Ian’s (non-life threatening) health issues, delaying the Bootstrapped Conference, quarters as a service, app translation, LaraJobs, what we’d do if we had to work someplace else, Scribbleton update, twitter as protocol.

    Level Up Conference
    MacDowell Colony – Even the goodbye letter is weird, don’t miss the video.

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  5. Interview with Tommy Noonan from

    Interview with Tommy from

    Not a lot of people out there talk about how to build a community online, so I thought it would be very interesting to chat with Tommy and ask him those kinds of questions.

    In this interview we talk about: * How Supplement Reviews started and promoted initially

    • The features that make Supplement Reviews successful and lead to it being so high quality

    • How people are rewarded for writing content for the site (hint: it doesn’t cost a cent, and it’s extremely addictive and causes people to return to the site, engage and contribute over and over).

    • How to maintain a high quality of content on a review site and avoid the obvious spammers who are trying to promote their own products

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  6. Episode 6 – All of life is one Sam’s Rant | The Late Night Bootstrapped Show

    In this episode of The Late Night Boostrapped Show Sam and Rich discuss

    Marketing plans for Habit Mix

    Not having time to implement a concierge MVP for Campaign Panel

    Rich’s programming background and why he thinks using Ruby on Rails may have been a mistake

    Sam has a new product idea

    Improving wireless performance by raising the height

    The MicroConf talk that Rich Submitted


    Building apps that are wrong

    Episode 6 – All of life is one Sam’s Rant MP3 File

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  7. Episode 7 – 50% more listeners | The Late Night Bootstrapped Show

    In this episode of The Late Night Boostrapped Show Sam and Rich discuss

    Update for Habit Mix Using interviews to create new unique content Implementing documentation and help for your SaaS application Gamification of Habbit Mix Update for Campaign Panel Sam’s tips of the day Telling someone their idea sucks Sam’s rant – business renovation shows


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  8. Episode 8 – We prove P is not equal NP | The Late Night Bootstrapped Show

    In this episode of The Late Night Boostrapped Show Sam and Rich discuss

    Still haven’t hit our groove for the podcast

    Update for Habit Mix

    Rich being slammed in the mastermind for lack of progress

    Sam’s new technique for staying motivated

    Gamification of Habbit Mix

    There’s YC Combinator funded start-up that’s pretty close to Campaign Panel

    Doing interviews to create content

    On boarding issues for Sam’s other SaaS app

    N v NP and Scott Aaronson

    Sam wants more podcasts

    Doddsville Podcast

    Our love of Australian retailers and overseas competitors

    Is Linkedin the new school dance?

    Sam’s rant – business renovation shows

    Episode 8 – We prove P is not equal NP MP3 File

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  9. .guru, .tips, .sexy: The Wild West Of Internet Domains : Planet Money : NPR

    Nearly 2,000 new top-level Internet domains are becoming available. Which are the most popular so far? And what will become of .com?

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  10. EPISODE 71 - 910CMX Webcomic Talk Group with CD Rudd - TalkShoe

    Talk live with the creator of and creators, authors, and staff of other Webcomics.

    Potentially: Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive is on this episode (and the two after it)


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